Chris Soules' Latest Comment Proves He Shouldn't Be the Next 'Bachelor'

Chris SoulesIf you're like me, you're probably getting sick and tired of waiting to find out who will be the next Bachelor. Enough is enough, people. Let's wrap this up. Word on the street is the producers are torn between Arie Luyendyk Jr., Marquel Martin, and Chris Soules. And given the fact that Marquel will also be starring on Bachelor in Paradise, I think it's safe to say it's really just down to Arie and Chris.

And while tons of (normal) people are cheering for Arie, there are still quite a few demanding Farmer Chris. But after hearing the comment he made recently about being the next Bachelor, those people might want to change their vote.


Um, I'm sorry, are you a celebrity now or are you just a normal dude who came in third place on a dating show? I understand that this show has the ability to make people famous, but it sounds like this is going to Chris' head a little bit. Even if you know you have fans, keep it to yourself! You're Chris Soules from The Bachelorette ... not Brad Pitt.

So yeah, if that doesn't prove that Arie deserves the gig, I don't know what does.

Ask yourself this: do you want a sexy Bachelor with a drama-filled season (hot Arie = crazy contestants, I'm sure of it) or do you want a relaxed season filled with nice conversation and cow milking? I thought so.

And if that's not enough to steer you away from him, think of how many girls will show up in flannel and overalls the first night if Chris actually gets the gig. *Shudder*

Do you think it's wrong for Chris to act like a celebrity?

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Kathy Casper-Anderson

Are you serious!!!!!!!!!!!! You are basing Chris not being the next bachelor on that statement???? Chris will be the next Bachelor!!!!!!! I am a FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Diana Blaker

He's just a Hillbilly all caught up in the moment,He won't make it to a bachelor. He's had his 15 minutes of fame! Bye Bye now!! Going going gone!!


nonmember avatar KIKI

REALLY???? I see nothing wrong with this tweet from him.

Grand... Grandmadee13

There is nothing wrong with what he said. You are just trying to stir up trouble. I'm a fan. What's the big deal?

Nancy Callarman

Give me a break.He is such a nice guy that people like him.Whats wrong with that.It better be Chris or myself and alot of other people will not be watching the program because they will be unhappy with Arie.


nonmember avatar joann

please I want farmer Chris for the next bachelor, he just caught up in the moment

nonmember avatar Sheri

Really?! Quit trying to read something into nothing. I am definitely a fan and what a great guy to appreciate that.

nonmember avatar Rachel

Really?!? He shouldn't be the bachelor because of one comment! I'm all for Chris being the next bachelor!!! He is a down to earth Hottie & as for Arie he is so not!!

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