Kim & Khloe Kardashian's Attack on Adrienne Bailon Has Surprising Result

adrienne bailon
Is that Kim or Adrienne?

Hell hath no fury like a Kardashian scorned. Recently, Rob Kardashian's ex, Adrienne Bailon, blasted him, and the rest of the Kardashians, in an interview with Latina magazine. The harsh words did not sit well with Kim and Khloe, who both fired back at Bailon via Twitter. (Khloe, simply saying "FDB," which is an acronym for "f*ck dat bitch.") And it looks like their words have gotten to Bailon, who, in a lengthy Instagram post, tried to explain herself and backpedal a bit, saying that she "learned from her first love."

Learned from her first love? Hmm... sounds a lot different than what Bailon previously was saying.

Check out Bailon's post:

On the one hand, I get what Adrienne is saying here: That being Rob's girlfriend usurped her career, which was something she always had. Fair enough. But the truth is, Bailon, though talented, has talked a lot about Rob and the Kardashians since breaking up with him years ago -- and usually, not in a positive way. In fact, she's probably talked about him more than he's spoken of her. And it isn't until Kim and Khloe finally addressed Bailon's harsh words that she pulled out the whole "learning from her first love" business. This is, by far, the nicest thing we've ever heard her say about Rob since their break-up. One may surmise that it's merely because she feels intimidated by the Kardashian ladies.

Whatever her reasoning for semi-apologizing, hopefully, this will squash their weird beef for good. It's been god knows how many years since their break-up. I think it's time for everyone to move on already. Lord.

Do you think Bailon should quit talking about Rob already?


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nonmember avatar Soncee22

Funny,I didn't take Adrienne's response to Kim's butting in as an apology, but whatever floats your boat. In fact, I think if Kim (or one of her 20-assistants) had taken a moment to really process Adrienne's words, the outcome of all this back-and-forth would have been different.The message I believe Adrienne was attempting to convey was about how big a role your past plays in your future..and she's right, if anyone should have understood that, it should have been Kim. Let's face it, no matter what Kim accomplishes be it the cover of Vogue magazine or her new game app, most people will always associate her with her sex tape..and that is all Adrienne was attempting to communicate. Back when she was dating Rob, all anyone wanted to talk about was her connection to the Kardashian's..not her music, or any of the many other ventures she had going was all about the Kardashian's..Even now, many years later and those same people are STILL associating her with the Kardashian's. However, out all the nasty back-and-forth between the Kardashian's and Adrienne, what I am most sad about is, the fact that Kim didn't defend her brother out of love, or even a sense of loyalty to her only brother! Nope! it's to keep the focus on her and her agenda.. Kim really should butt out, and do what she does best, and that is to focus on her "selfie" (sorry, I couldn't resist)

Sheila79 Sheila79

Yes like shut up move on and if anyone mentions it tune it out. Years later is just pathetic wow he cheated not like he did any creditable damage to her. Life goes on

nonmember avatar Jennifer

With Adrienne even on her reality show she was talking about Rob. She was practicing for a show or something and kept telling anyone who would listen that they're airing an episode with her and Rob and all her friends are texting her. Then on the real she talked about him and the tattoo. Rob cheated on her but that was 6 years ago. He was 20/21 when they got together, she was 24, and maybe more mature. It didn't work out, suck it up. In fact, she has been in a relationship for a while now, why not focus on that. As for her working? How many people knew of Adrienne before she dated Rob? Finally her calling out the kardashian is like the pot calling the kettle black. She has had her fair share of wardrobe malfunctions to keep herself relevant and uses her body to get attention.

MrsBx MrsBx

True to form, Khloe is back to her old ways-trashy mouth spewing hate towards other women. Poor Rob, to grow up in that family is a disaster in the making. Next thing we'll hear is that Rob is gay.

sexym... sexymom37

I do wish Adrienne would stop talking about Rob and their break up. I do think that Khloe's response was a little harsh but hey look how she talks to Kris. Why would Adrienne be any different.


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