Kim Kardashian's Makeup-Free Face Makes Her Almost Unrecognizable (PHOTOS)

Kim Kardashian

Her appearance has changed so much over the years that we barely know what she looks like au natural anymore -- but after seeing new photos of Kim Kardashian wearing no makeup, you seriously won't believe just how different she looks.

In addition to exposing her real face, these pics also remind us just how done up Kim typically is, even when she's doing some sort of activity that doesn't require her to pile on the cosmetics. But although she leads a different lifestyle than most of us will ever be accustomed to, even she doesn't like mascara dripping down her face when she's getting her sweat on, which is likely why she chose to forgo makeup for a trip to the gym.


Are you ready? Here's Kimmy like you've never seen her before.

Kim Kardashian

OMG. Is that really her?

But even though this is clearly a shot taken by the paparazzi, Kim definitely isn't trying to hide her flawless face. Check out this photo she shared on Instagram, where she's pimping out Kendall Jenner's new magazine cover.

Good grief. It's like makeup-free Kim and regular Kim are two totally different people.

And honestly, it's tough to decide which version of her is more appealing. Yeah, yeah, the no makeup thing is kind of all the rage right now -- almost like you're doing yourself some sort of disservice by covering up your face. And Kim does look beautiful in her natural state, so forgoing the goop definitely works for her.

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But on the other hand, she's kind of known for being totally glamorous and then some. Without the makeup, she really doesn't look anything like ... Kim Kardashian.

Yeah. This one is virtually impossible to call.

What do you think? Do you like Kim better with or without makeup?


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