Kim Kardashian & North Wear Matching Swimsuits -- OMG! Adorable (PHOTOS)

kim kardashianThere's adorable, and then there's Kim Kardashian and North West wearing matching swimsuits. The normally private -- about her daughter -- mama shared a series of snapshots on her Instagram account on Thursday from her recent vacation in Mexico. In the pics, Kim's frolicking around the beach with North in tow. She's got on a sexy off-white string bikini (natch) and her baby's got on a similar-colored one-piece.

It's impossible to look at these sweet shots and think anything other than, "Awww!" North really is the only person who can totally steal the spotlight from Kim.

First, Kim shared a photo of her butt, because no bathing suit photoshoot with Kim is complete without a shot of her behind.

Then, Kim shared a snap of the two girls coming out of the ocean. Not gonna lie, my very first thought here was, "Man, I need to go on vacation." But after that I thought, "Awww." Such a sweet pic! North is such a doll!

Super-cute, right? Love it when we get to see these two ladies together. Looks like they had a great time, and I vote for more matchy-matchy outfits in the future. Unless they're super-slinky and/or low-cut. That would be weird on a baby.

How cute are these pics of Kim and North?


Images via Kim Kardashian/Instagram



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Cooks... Cookster792

Just another poto op for Kim with her baby as the prop. So sad!

nonmember avatar debra

Where was I when fat,flabby HUGE AZZES CAME INTO FASHION?

nonmember avatar Mark

Many men like that debra over skinny

nonmember avatar anonamouys

you guys ae so annoying just stop like if she wants to post pictures of her and her child let her its so pathetic how much you guys pay attention ur so stupid like tf its like someone posting a picture of the and there child matching ur guys wouldnt say crap nd yall needa stop saying she a bad mom cause she takes selfies like so wht and cause north got her ear pierced at a year which is surprising cause many girls get theres at 2 months like yall really need to shut up with yall lonely live like get tf over it !

nonmember avatar Brad Hathaway

S'all good long as she on the corner makin me my money, by noon.


Anna Maciel

Kylie Your to Young for All this Look At your Face,you will be an old hag to soon if you don't slow down with The eyebrow, cheek,and lip your looking old and not in a good way just say!

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