'LeAnn & Eddie' Recap: LeAnn Returns to Her Country Roots, Eddie Is No Cowboy

LeAnn RimesThis week on LeAnn & Eddie, we learn why LeAnn's name comes first in the title. That's because LeAnn is a STAH and Eddie is, well, not. The pair travel to Nashville, Tennessee, where LeAnn was catapulted to country fame as a teenager. This time, LeAnn is in town for a host of interviews promoting her new album and to spend some time with her long estranged dad. And, oh yeah, there's plenty of opportunity for Eddie to try and do something on the show worth watching by failing miserably at playing cowboy.


LeAnn and her dad, Wilbur, have had a tempestuous relationship in the past (she once sued him for stealing money from her), but now they seem to have settled into "let's just not talk to each other about anything real to keep the peace." And I'm not even theorizing. That's pretty much what LeAnn says. "We're fine as long as we don't talk about certain things," she tells Eddie. See? Just like I said.

LeAnn and Eddie shack up in a swanky tour bus outside dad Wilbur's home in Lebanon, Tennessee. LeAnn is then off doing her country singing star thing, while Eddie hangs back and tries to bond with Wilbur and contribute to some kind of show plot point.

Eddie skeet shoots, lassos, and rides a horse. None of which he does very well, which sets him up to crack various pre-written jokes for the camera. It's clear why neither LeAnn nor Eddie ever got far in the acting world -- pretty much everything they say sounds obviously written, and neither one can deliver their lines very convincingly.

We do get a touch, just a touch, of reality when LeAnn expresses her nervousness over her dad watching her performance at the Grand Ole Opry. It's clear that LeAnn still has mixed feelings about her dad, who sounds like one of those showbiz dads like the one who stole Michael Jackson's childhood and turned him into a talented but tortured soul.

After her performance, gruff Wilbur tells his daughter she was great, but you definitely don't get the feeling he means it. Maybe he's just emotionally walled off. LeAnn's childhood couldn't have been roses.

The show ends with LeAnn and her dad singing a gospel tune (the dad doesn't sound half bad) while Eddie sits by flashing his dimpled smile and probably wondering how it is that both of his wives, LeAnn and Brandi Glanville, managed to totally eclipse his career. Maybe he should work on his line delivery.

Do you think LeAnn and her dad are truly reconciled?

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