'50 Shades' Trailer: 15 Super Sexy Moments You Need to See Again (PHOTOS)

fifty shades of grey trailer jamie dornan christian greyIn case you missed it, there's a little movie coming out next year that may or may not actually eclipse Valentine's Day. Ha! Kidding! Of course you know what I'm talking about. Fifty Shades of Grey is coming to us in just under seven months and we're literally counting down the days. The trailer debuted just last week and has already become the most watched trailer of the year. Is anyone surprised? Who hasn't watched and re-watched it dozens of times to get yet another glimpse of Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele?

Whether or not you think that Jamie Dornan is the best choice to Christian Grey, we can all agree on one thing: the movie will be steamy. From the little bits we've seen in the preview, there are longing gazes, secretive touches, and of course, The Red Room of Pain.

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So for your (viewing) pleasure, we've broken it all down. Here are the 15 absolute hottest moments from the Fifty trailer:

What's your favorite moment?

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Maggi Gonzalez

Loved the books so I know I'll love the movie . From what I've seen , I's going to be HOT !

nonmember avatar sara

#10 Is not charlie tango its in the glider

Wendy Cummings

I"m really not impressed with it !!!The book made it hotter !!!! They really need to work on detail on the actors interaction!!! not impressed !!! I hope it is better with movie but the trailer doesn't make me want to go to the movies in watch wait til it comes out on redbox for a 1.25!!!!!!

nonmember avatar Dani

Also, #13 riding crop. Not a whip. Yes I'm picky.

nonmember avatar linda

yeah suzee skwiot think you should really read the book first. youll make less mistakes in the details.

nonmember avatar Peggy Hysell

Love this article...can't wait for more. MORE PLEASE!!!!

Melina Gonzalez

this CG looks more like a boy than a man , very disappointing

themorah themorah

I wish they would stop with the teasing and release the movie now. I am soooo looking forward to seeing the movie. Read the books multiple times so might end up seeing the movie more than once.

Kay7684 Kay7684

I recently saw a picture of Dakota all dressed up and make up perfect. She looked really pretty. So I am guessing she can make the transition from 'drab' to 'gorgeous'. I am ready to watch this film now.


nonmember avatar Alison Ellis

I am reading these books for the sixth time and find something different in them every time . I just love the characters and how they develop and being able to put voices and faces to them makes it all the more real!

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