Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie Reveal Unexpected Way They Keep Passion Alive

BRad Pitt Angelina JolieWhat's the secret behind Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's long-lasting relationship? The couple have been together for almost a decade and have six kids. And yet we don't hear any rumors of the hottest couple in the world cheating on each other. They still seem madly in love -- quite a coup for a celebrity couple!

So ... what accounts for their stalwart attraction? While rumors have always had it that the two have a very kinky sex life, the couple themselves have spoken out about what keeps them hawt for each other ... and it's the most old-fashioned thing you can imagine! Learn from this one, y'all: Brad and Angie write love letters to each other.


Angelina revealed in an interview that when the two are working on opposite ends of the planet, they keep their love alive by writing -- not emailing, writing with their actual hands -- mash notes! Ange confessed that while she was directing Unbroken, the two kept in touch in the same way your great-grandparents may have:

We wrote handwritten letters to each other that were very connecting for us, thinking of the people that were separated for months if not years at a time back then.

Aww, so sweet. These two still catch a lot of flack for the way they hooked up, but they have definitely stood the test of time. It does seem like they were made for each other.

Of course, we thought that about Jay Z and Beyonce too!

Anyway, I wonder what they said to each other. Imagine how much those letters would get at auction?

And what a little letter-writer Brad seems to be. Remember how he made news awhile back for his love letters to an old girlfriend? How cute that despite the advent of email, IM, and Twitter, Brad still keeps it analog.

Do you ever write love letters?


Image via Celebrity Monitor, PacificCoastNews

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