The Next 'Bachelor' Could Be a Huge Disappointment According to Producer

BachelorNow that The Bachelorette is officially over, and Andi Dorfman is happily engaged to cutie Josh Murray, our curiosity over who will be the next Bachelor is somewhat insatiable. Chris Soules, Arie Luyendyk Jr., and Marquel Martin seem to be the front runners, all of whom would be excellent choices.

But Bachelor creator and producer Mike Fleiss tweeted something cryptic on Wednesday that has us questioning not only if the next guy has already been chosen, but if we're going to be disappointed by him. And let's face it, after the disaster known as Juan Pablo Galavis, fans of the show are already a little bit weary.

Fleiss took to Twitter to beg fans to keep an "open mind" about the next Bachelor:

"Give him a chance"? What does that even mean? That we won't be happy with whomever they pick initially? What's taking them so long, anyway?

Traditionally, the next Bachelor or Bachelorette is announced during the finale of the previous season, but we were left hanging on Monday night, leading to massive speculation that a new guy hasn't even been chosen yet.

And with this tweet, we're sort of worried about who it might be. Oh well, I guess we'll just have to do as instructed and keep an open mind and an open heart. And cross our fingers it's not another Juan Pablo.

Who do you think the next Bachelor will be?


Images via Chris Soules/Twitter, Arie Luyendyk Jr./Instagram & Marquel Martin/Instagram

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Sandra Blake

I dont think it will be Chris.  I think he has realized that he is too classy for this show.  Dont know much about Marquel and I think Arie is 'in tgh famiy' so its a good bet its gonna be him.  Jeez producers, dont yu listen to anything the public says ?  He is a has been.  Get a new, never heard from man.  what about all those auditions yu have.  Pick someone.


nonmember avatar Jill

Has to be Chris please

nonmember avatar Me

Shouldn't it be Marquel?I may be mistaken,but I can't recall there ever being a man of color being the bachelor.

Denise Moyer

Probably little lonely boy Nick...waa waaaaa


nonmember avatar Mary Moore

I hope it is Chris or Marquel, but I am afraid with the producers track record it will be Nick........Oh No!!!

Lisamarie Gallardo

Please not Nick......!  Chris is my pick or Marquel.

Paula Tolman-Hollander

I hope it's not Nick cause i won't watch it. i have been a loyal fan of the bachelor and bachelorette for years and this would be the first one i won't watch if its him

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