Chris Pratt Confesses He Once Flashed Amy Poehler (VIDEO)

chris prattWe all know that Chris Pratt -- Mr. Anna Faris and semi-professional hair braider -- is a funny guy. His character on Parks & Recreation supplied us with plenty of laughs and plenty of eye candy. Yes. That too. But no one knows more about that "candy" than Amy Poehler. Wait. What?!

Pratt wasn't happy with the reaction he was getting from Amy during a scene in Parks & Rec in which she was supposed to be shocked by the sight of a naked Pratt in the doorway. He was at first wearing nude underwear and the editors of the show pixelated the area for TV. After a few takes, Pratt decided to do what he shouldn't have done. He got naked and surprised Poehler. He spilled the beans about this on last night's Late Night With Seth Meyers.


Chris might be in a whole lot of hot water right now. No jokes! No jokes about this, Chris! And you get on TV and make the joke. Apparently getting naked on a TV set is a major deal. And you're not supposed to just do it and talk about it. To think there is the original recording without the blur and Chris in all his glory!

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Amy saw it. She saw it all. Her reaction to the full frontal is the one they used for the final cut and it's perfect. You know, sometimes actors have to go the extra mile to make a scene work. It may be a bit nutty, but for Chris, it just took some balls.

Admit it: Do you want to see the unedited film?


Image via Derek Storm/Splash

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