Tamra Barney Fired for Calling Out Bravo Over Shady Editing?

tamra barneyReal Housewives of Orange County star Tamra Barney is going through some stuff, you guys. First, she has a breakdown at dinner when her son (weirdly) tells her he's getting married to a woman Tamra doesn't know from a hole in the ground. Then she gets fired from RHOOC. Well, maybe. That's, as Aviva Drescher would say, the word on the street.

According to Radar Online, Bravo decided to give Tamra the axe after she wouldn't stop bashing the producers on Facebook for making it seem like she bailed on Lizzie Rovsek's birthday party at the last minute. Tamra wrote, "They asked me to wait until the cameras were up in the limo to let Lizzie know. Then they had her call me and say 'How rude that you didn’t call me.'" (Tamra claims she wanted to tell Rovsek much earlier, but producers wouldn't let her.) And apparently, this wasn't an isolated incident for Barney. Sources say Tamra has been acting like a diva for quite some time now and Bravo is ov-ah it, so she won't be returning for another season. Since the news broke, Tamra has deleted her Facebook profile.

Of course, it's sneaky of Bravo to make it seem like Tamra waited until the very last moment to cancel on Rovsek, and, yes, it made her look bad. But is this Tamra's first rodeo? She's been on the show for quite some time now; she should know the drill. If there's nothing exciting or dramatic going on, producers and editors are obviously going to make it seem otherwise -- regardless of whose expense it's at.

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You can't have the best of both worlds, Tamra. There's no such thing as being on the Real Housewives and looking good all the time. If you want to remain a reality star, sometimes you've gotta sit down and take one for the team. You dig?


Would you be sad to see Tamra leave RHOOC?


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nonmember avatar Lou

I think it is time that TAMARA and HEATHER need to leave RHOOC...maybe Shannon too....time for a lot of new blood on this show. Heather is BORING !!!!!

2rcom4t 2rcom4t

Vicky,Tamara and Shannon can go, Time Vicky was knocked off her throne thinking she is the Queen Bee of the show She's boring. I think if Heather were to let loose and get a little rowdy she would be fun to watch I like her Husband, I even like Shannons husband but not Shannon

Ann Basso

No, the show is done, not one interesting person on it.

Diana Dumas

Sick of Tamra. Time for her to go. She lies and cause too much trouble. Happy she is gone. Now Beverly Hills needs to boot Brandi and New York Ramona. 


Diana Stone Criss

I hope this is true. Time for this trailer trash bitch to go..along with snot bitch heather! Hope it's true and not just bs

nonmember avatar Kandi Russell

I so hope that Tamra is fired....I hope she takes nasty ass Vicki and whiney Heather too!!!! Shannon is a liar and got caught telling Tamra about her marriage....Tamra told Vicki and then Vicki lied to Shannon cause shes scared of Tamra.....Viicki didnt anything becaise she wants everyone to like that dirty Dog Brooks!!!! Long story short.....they all lied to each other.......but Tamra n Vicki are the ring leaders!!!!! BRAVO PLEASE FIRE ALL OF THEIR ASSES AND START NEW!!!!!! ITS TIME FOR NEW BLOOD!!!!

Kelly Oliver Alford

Glad she doesn't have a FB page anymore! I used to follow her until she specifically called someone out on it for saying something about how she looks, only to turn half of her followers against the person! She even went so far as saying something about the way this woman looks and then they all started bullying the her. She's ridiculous!

nonmember avatar sandy

If she's smart, she'll bow out quietly and gracefully, and with the gratitude demanded from a few solid years. If she's really smart (I know: this is asking a lot:-)), she'll use the fresh start to work on her marriage. It seems as if she has been backsliding into impulsive, destructive (self and others) behavior; this is her chance to re-enter REAL reality.

Donna Marine

 I always find it comical that when women behave badly they are called "trailer trash" and in this case trailer trash bitches.  I grew up living in a trailer, and I can assure you that I and several of my friends have a lot more class and respect for friendship than most of these overpaid women will ever have. Donna

Caroline Kohlman

Glad she's going. Now Eddie needs to leave her too.

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