Justin Bieber Just Won't Let His Beef With Orlando Bloom Go


Justin BieberThe train wreck that is Justin Bieber continues its steam roll into Crazyville. Not only did the Biebs just get into a fight with Orlando Bloom over some nonsense (Selena? Miranda? Some other woman with an "a" at the end of her name?), but he seems determined to keep the fight going.

It all started when Justin saw Orlando at a club in Ibiza and reportedly greeted him with "I come in peace." Haha. No, of course he didn't. Supposedly (and I tend to belieb it), he said, "What's up, bitch?" which, as you can imagine, Orlando didn't take too kindly to. So he lunged at JB and some enterprising soul caught it on video. But it doesn't end there. JB recently posted a pic of OB on his Insta page -- and it's a pic of Orlando crying.

Ermkay. The pic is from some movie or something and NOT a picture of Orlando crying after their encounter -- unless Orlando was crying tears of laughter. Because after the fight -- which never really went anywhere thanks to Biebs' bodyguard stepping in to save Justin from the blow -- Bieber apparently fled the scene as club patrons applauded.

Later that night, Bieber's bruised ego got the best of him and he uploaded a sexy pic of Orlando's ex-wife, supermodel Miranda Kerr, with a little crown next to his name. So what's he saying here? Did those two really hook up? Gee-ross!

But Bieber took the photo down -- presumably when he sobered up.

Still, that wasn't enough for him. The next day, he posted the photo of Orlando crying. He then thought better of it and took it down. But awhile later, probably after some goading from his bros, he put it back up. Even his fans seem a little repulsed by this. One wrote:

Grow up justin you should of stayed in high school maybe you wouldnt be acting like u are in school hall ways in public ...

Meanwhile, although Orlando and Selena Gomez had been photographed awhile back sharing a smoke together, sources say that in no way is Selena part of this dick-waving contest. TMZ reports that the two happened to be at the same event but never did the nasty.

More from The Stir: Miranda Kerr & Orlando Bloom's Marriage Wrecked by ... Justin Bieber?!

So where is all of this bad blood coming from? Seems like all roads lead back to Miranda Kerr, who was rumored to have had a fling with Bieber while still married to Orlando, but dayum, I find that so hard to believe. Guess I'm in denial.

Why do you think they hate each other?


Image via JustinBieber/Instagram

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missy... missybest

Beiber is a rude and obnoxious child.  How else can I say it?  Adults get annoyed at teenagers like that.

Pj Perry

Little girl-boy Bieber is testing a MAN, thinking his bodyguards will always save his pansy a**, but there will come a day of reckoning when he'll get his clock cleaned....and I hope we get footage of it!  He's been cruisin' for a bruisin' since he came on the scene and it's way past time for him to get stomped!  Maybe that'll make up for all the corrections and spankings he didn't get in his formative years!!

Lisa Daugherty

I think that Beiber needs to be sent back to Canada till he grows up.

SJ Long

"Justine" and "Milly" should hook up and tickle each othr's fancy. 2 absolulte wastes of oxygen, the only good product of either is CO2, which i doubt, coming from these children, would do the environment any good either.

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