Nick Viall Defends 'Sex' Comment but Makes Andi Dorfman Look Even Worse

Andi Dorfman Nick Viall

Sigh. Even though he has plenty of fans who are behind him 100 percent, Nick Viall's sex comment about Andi Dorfman still has others pretty upset, to the point where he was even forced to elaborate further on why he chose to bring up their fantasy suite activities.

During a conference call this week, Nick explained, "I think she was very caught off-guard by the question, and quite honestly, I was surprised it came out, but I think I was very much in the moment, and it was something that I felt was weighing on my mind. It wasn't necessarily about the sex, but just the level of intimacy about that night."


OMG. It was about "the intimacy" and not the hanky panky? (Who in the hell is Nick Viall and where has he been all my life?)

If that comment isn't enough to prove that he went on the show with every intention of falling in love, which he clearly did -- then nothing will change his haters' minds about his character.

Think about it for a second. If the tables were turned and Nick was The Bachelor and Andi was questioning why he led her her on by having sex with her, don't you think America would totally be on her side and deem him to be a total d-bag or whatever?

Yes. Yes, they would.

But since Nick happens to be a dude who actually takes "making love" seriously and doesn't consider Andi to be just another notch on his belt, everyone is treating him like a pile of shit.

And I'm sorry, but that just isn't right. Again, he attempted to have that conversation with her in private more than once, and she refused. He had every right to bring it up right then and there in front of that live audience.

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Granted, I'm sure he's regretting opening his mouth now, what with everyone labeling him the villain, but hopefully he knows that he still has fans in his corner. 

And let's also hope that once Bachelor in Paradise kicks off next week, everyone will forget about Andi and her precious Josh -- and Nick will be able to move on with his life with someone who treats him the way he deserves to be treated.

Do you think Nick owed anyone an explanation for that comment?


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