Kate Middleton's Wild Behavior in Sky-High Heels Sends a Very Clear Message (PHOTO)

kate middletonLooking for signs that Kate Middleton is pregnant is akin to playing chess with Bobby Fischer. First, we think we see or hear something that surely proves the Duke and Duchess are expecting baby number two. Check mate us. Then she goes and does something that makes us rethink everything. Check mate her.

The Duchess of Cambridge made an appearance at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotland recently, and from the looks of things, she's definitely not pregnant. Unless pregnant women always jump over piled-up tin cans in sky-high heels.


kate middleton

Now, yes, if Kate Middleton is in fact with-child, and it's early on enough, there's a chance that she would still play "three tins." But for the most part, this isn't your run-of-the-mill pregnant lady behavior. Well, at least not in giant, platform wedges, it's not. 

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Pregnant or not, though, I've gotta say, the Duchess is one impressive woman when it comes to athletic feats in stylish clothing. It wasn't that long ago that we witnessed her playing volleyball in tight jeans, a blazer, and the same Stuart Weitzman "Corkswoon" wedges. And now this? Not only is Catherine jumping around in the heels, she's got a short dress on. What would the Queen think? After all, she's not a big fan of Kate's short dresses to begin with, right?

So, for today, I guess we'll go with "Kate Middleton is not pregnant." But you never know what tomorrow will bring. All it takes is for the Duchess to turn down a single glass of wine, and it's baby watch all over again.

Do you think the Duchess is pregnant?


Images via WPA Pool/Getty

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