Andi Dorfman Called a 'Slut' by Fox News Co-Host

Andi DorfmanWe all let out a collective gasp on Monday night when Nick Viall called Andi Dorfman out for sleeping with him on their fantasy suite date on The Bachelorette. It was definitely one of the most shocking moments in "After the Final Rose" history, as the unspoken rule has always been -- what happens in the fantasy suites stays in the fantasy suites.

Of course we all know that Andi ended up picking Josh Murray, despite whatever goings-on happened down in the Dominican Republic, but just because her "private" affairs became public doesn't give anyone a right to slam her. Fox News' Bob Beckel must not have gotten the memo, because he called Andi a slut during a recent episode of The Five.

Hey, Nick might have hit Andi "below the belt," but at least he only implied that she was promiscuous -- he didn't flat-out call her a dirty name.

During a segment discussing the show and Andi and Josh's relationship, the outspoken co-host declared, "She's a slut! I'm not kidding you. She sleeps with someone else, and then doesn't tell the guy about it. This is what America's come to, this crap."

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Co-host and Bachelorette fan Andrea Tantaros immediately jumped to Andi's defense, saying, "Are you kidding me right now? Excuse me, Bob! You probably sleep with a different woman every night." 

"I'm not on some Bachelor, Bachelorette," he countered.

"Those in glass boudoirs, Beckel, those in glass boudoirs!" Tantaros replied. 

Beckel, who is known for making loudmouthed controversial comments, later recanted and apologized for calling Andi a "slut" because she "slept with two guys."

Another co-host, Greg Gutfeld, jumped on the Andi is a slut" bandwagon with Beckel. He said, "You're on a reality show where you're making out with guys every day. And now all the sudden he says something honest and you go, ‘Oh, wow, you just stepped over.' Nothing is private when you do a reality show."

Actually guys, that's kind of the whole point of losing the cameras for an evening. To have a private moment and see if you get along in private as well as in front of the camera.

Plus it's just gosh darn rude to call people names, regardless of what you think of them.

Do you think Bob Beckel stepped over the line with his comments about Andi?


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Caera Caera

No. She is a slut. 


Love how men have a double standerd. 

Gamer... Gamer_mom1

What goes on in her room is her business. The man who aired it on t.v. did it to take advantage of patriarchy and slut shaming culture in order to hurt her and boost himself at the same time.

He shouldn't have been picked. No woman should pick him, but sadly even alot of women in our country still haven't learned to see patriarchy and douchebaggery for what it is, because they're effected by the same societal teachings.

They should not have been able to find out nor should they have commented because it's not their room

And yes he's a hypocrite.  Her being on a t.v. show had nothing to do with his comment. He called her a slut simply for being female and having more than one partner and he didn't have anything else to go on when called out for having a different woman every night.

Caera Caera

Women who have more than one partner are sluts. So are men.


Gamer... Gamer_mom1

No they are normal. Patriarchy and religion have warped people's brains

Caera Caera

No...they're sluts, with loose morals, low self-respect and questionable self-worth. And patriarchy has nothing to do with it. Men who have more than one partner are sluts too, and just as pathetic.

But nice try.

nonmember avatar Jason_

People with multiple partners are some of the most miserable people in the world.Constantly looking for validation and to boost their own insecure egos by bed-hopping.I hate to break it Gamer mom but contrary to popular belief most guys don't slap a dude whose banged a bunch of diff women on the back and tell him good job nor do most men think someone like that is a stud.Guys like that are usually LOSERS and not to be emmulated.

nonmember avatar Guest

I agree with gamer_mom1.

Caera,that's just fine if that's your opinion,but others won't always agree with you so saying "nice try" just makes you look ignorant

nonmember avatar elaine

lets see if people go crazy over a liberal calling a woman a slut as they did over rush doing it..we know the answer but it is cute watching a fake show getting people going crazy

nonmember avatar sarah

What goes on in her room is her and the millions who watch..don't want your bizness in the streets then don't go on a reality show

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