'Teen Mom 2' Recap: Leah Calvert's Meds Have Seriously Scary Side Effects

leah calvert teen mom 2One word to describe tonight's episode of Teen Mom 2? Stressful. First off, Leah Calvert has been dealing with Ali's muscular dystrophy and continues to battle with the insurance company in order to get her daughter the wheelchair she needs. But all the stress of parenting three little girls, along with her job and Ali's additional needs, has caused so much anxiety that Leah decided to visit her doctor. And the results weren't good.

When she returned, she was prescribed some anti-anxiety medication, which immediately took effect on her body. She was drowsy, unable to focus, and essentially fell asleep at work in one of the scariest Teen Mom scenes ever.

She was on the phone discussing Ali's progress when she started to slur her words. Her thoughts were jumbled, her sentences unclear, and she couldn't form her words. Later, when she explained what happened to Jeremy, she realized that the drugs made her feel "messed up." Let's hope she manages to solve the anxiety issues before they get far more serious.

Meanwhile, Jenelle Evans was also dealing with her fair share of stress. Nathan was days away from going to jail to serve his 30-day sentence. They met with friends, who reassured her that everything would be ok, spent time with one another, and all seemed fine. Until the day before, it really dawned on her just what was happening. But we have to wait until the next episode to see what happens when Nathan actually leaves.

To keep the ball rolling (seriously, I wasn't kidding about the stress comment), Chelsea Houska is still figuring out the legalities surrounding her esthetician license and why it was taken away. She was finally able to meet with a lawyer who told her that it might take up to a month to get the case resolved. Better yet: she doesn't even know if she passed the test yet. So until then, she can't work. Perfect timing and all, especially since Chelsea just bought her first house.

As for Kailyn Lowry? Her worries were all about Isaac. Up until this point, Kail and Jo have managed to co-parent fairly successfully. But the next step was to bring in both new partners: Kail's hubby and Jo's girlfriend, Vee. So finally, when Kail and Javi went to go pick up Isaac from his dad's house, the two pairs of parents finally met face-to-face. Amicably, might I add. Guys, they even went out to dinner together. Steps in the right direction right here!

What did you think of Leah's "out of it" moment?


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Allison Seamark Hendry

I have known a lot of people who take anti depressants and have had to adjust dosage but I have NEVER seen anything like Leah's behaviour. She acted like she was nodding out on heroin! Either she is misreading the dosage .or there is something going on here. 

Lori Testy

I thought she said last night that the DR said totake 5 or 6. That is totally too many. With 3 little girls to take care of, she needs to quit the meds all together with.  Even i she took them at bedtime, they might make her so she can't hear the kids if they wake up. I say get a new DR.

nonmember avatar Samantha

I could hardly believe what I was seeing, I thought she must be allergic to the medication or something because how could the prescribed dose possibly make her THAT high? I've been prescribed anxiety medication and I'd have to take a LOT to get that effect. I know she's under immense stress but you don't need like 6mg of Xanax to calm yourself down. The scene on the phone at work was so disturbing and uncomfortable to watch, so unlike Leah! Leah's doctor either didn't prescribe appropriately, she took way too much, or she's allergic or something, if that's possible. I think it's horrid people are starting to say she's a drug addict, how much more uncharacteristic can you get?

nonmember avatar ANGBrat180

I've been on anti-anxiety and anti-depression medication not to mention medication for my bipolar II for over two years. I have never acted the way she was.

nonmember avatar Kat

People have got to quit acting like drugs solve all your problems. Im sick of hearing that like 99 percent of people have some sort of "disorder". Leah doesn't need drugs, she needs people to be competent and get that wheelchair approved. Too many people employed in insurance companies that just screw off all day and don't do any work.

That scene was so scary. Good for her for realizing something was wrong. As another commenter said, she needs to get off the pills all together. What she needs is a good support system (something she mostly has), and for people to start doing their job and get Ali what she needs.

I really hope things get better for her. I don't agree with the way she treats Jeremy sometimes, but luckily he is still there for her.

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