Arie Luyendyk Jr. Is Closer to Becoming the Next 'Bachelor' Than We Thought

Arie luyendyk jr next bachelorWatch out, Emily Maynard, because the man you sent home brokenhearted is very close to becoming the next Bachelor. Yep, everyone's favorite race-car driver Arie Luyendyk Jr. could be the lucky man who gets to hand out the roses next.

We knew for a while there was a toss-up between Chris Soules and Arie, but now with this latest piece of information, it looks like all signs are pointing to Arie.

According to Us Weekly, Arie has already shot the promos for next season! The source admits:

He already had his packages shot and they even got him a trainer so he could buff up and be camera ready with his shirt off.

Now why the heck would ABC waste their time and money to shoot a promo if Arie wasn't going to be the next Bachelor? They wouldn't!

Not to mention, he also tweeted THIS:

OMG! Freaking. OUT.

Sorry, farmer Chris fans, but it seems a lot easier for ABC to round up 25 girls willing to lock lips with the kiss-master himself than find 25 girls willing to live on a farm. Arie for the win!

Now can they hurry up with the announcement so it will be OFFICIAL?

Who do you want to be the next Bachelor? Arie or Chris?

Image via ariejr/Instagram

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nonmember avatar Nicoel

ARIE!!!! <3

nonmember avatar JacJac

While Arie is awesome and I would love to watch a season with him.. I think he wouldn't have trouble finding a woman given he lives in an urban area..

Chris on the other hand would really benefit from the show as he probably doesn't have a lot of women available in his area!

Kari Kamrath

Chris all the way!  Arie is old news.

nonmember avatar Paym

Farmer Chris' is takin home the bacon gyrlz... stay tuned!

nonmember avatar Bri

CHRIS CHRIS CHRIS!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️🌹🌹🌹🌹

paymking paymking

Farmer Chris' is takin home the bacon gyrlz...  stay tuned!  ABC has endless pockets and lots of time, they call it makin' good for TV, of course they want to make you THINK it's Arie.  Chris is the man, that's why he wasn't part of the Paradise Bachelor, and EVERYONE else was.  happy dance

JodieHC JodieHC

Definitely Chris!! I didnt like Arie on Emily's season, so I cant stand the thought of watching him as the bachelor and I love this show, so I will be very disappointed, Arie is old news!! Chris is fresh in everyones minds and everyone loves him and wants him to find love!!

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