Kim Kardashian Lets North West Do Something Most Moms Wouldn't Allow

Kim Kardashian, North WestIs it official yet? Is Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's 1-year-old daughter North West the most spoiled baby on the planet? This is the infant with diamond earrings, remember. Please also don't forget about Kidchella, her first birthday party complete with ferris wheel.

Anyway, Kim and North have been vacationing in Mexico at Joe Francis' house while Kanye works on his upcoming album, and life has been rough, man. Tanning is a tough job, but someone's got to do it. Anyway, Kim and North wrapped up their adventure by taking a swim with some dolphins.

Yup, Kim let her 1-year-old daughter swim with the dolphins in Mexico. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star posted a video of herself swimming with the friendly sea beasts and said, "Thank you Vallarta Adventures for teaching us so much! Can't wait to show my daughter the pics of her swimming with dolphins & kissing a sea lion when she gets older! #ThanksForTheMemories #Mexico"

Let's just get right past the whole issue of whether or not dolphins should be kept in captivity and move right along to the fact that Kim let her baby swim with dolphins. I know North has been taking swimming lessons and all, and even recently learned to walk, but isn't there something scary about letting your very young kids near wild animals?

Safety issues aside, it's just such a spoil-y move to make. What 1-year-old needs to catch a ride on a dolphin? It's not like she's going to remember it. So why take the risk, just so she can show her a picture someday? The whole thing is completely eye-roll-worthy.

Would you let your baby swim with dolphins?


Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram



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nonmember avatar My Name

The person who wrote this article should get a life, and so should i for reading it.
This article reminds me of mean girls in school who try to turn people against someone.
An 8 year old child wouldn't be any better at defending itself if something went wrong in a situation like that, than a baby would.
So there are plenty of people who take that risk, even going to the zoo can turn out a disaster.
I'm no Kim fanatic, but the way you tru to steer people into a certain direction with your article, is just disgusting and unescessary!

nonmember avatar t

oh shut the hell up..everything this girl does goes under the's her kid and i think it's adorable..i'm sure no harm was done...let it go all the kim k hate. period.

nonmember avatar Vicky

Seriously who cares? When I was 1 I rode an elephant with my dad. No i don't remember it but I have the picture that i love. People should be worrying about parenting their own children instead of judging how someone else does. I mean really, there is no such thing as the perfect parent.

nonmember avatar V

I think that whoever wrote this article really needs to get a life... Who cares if Kim did that... I personally have never heard of a dolphin turning rabid and decided to eat a one year old baby... So I think it's perfectly safe but Who cares?

nonmember avatar Diamond

Are you mad that YOUR kid can't swim with dolphins? Is that what makes it "eye-roll worthy"? You're trying to compare parents who's net worth is in the millions separately to those of us that don't make half. She's spoils her kid, her first kid at that, wow call CPS. I personally love the Kidchella idea and the dolphin idea. Why teach your kids to fear wild animals? I was on a jet ski at age 9 no one cared. Btw let's just ignore the fact that this article was based on what COULD have happened not what ACTUALLY happened. North COULD have been hurt but she wasn't. She had a good, safe time with mommy complete with video to remember later since, as you pointed out, she probably won't remember this bonding moment.

nonmember avatar Robyn

Jesus Christ. Get a life. What a worthless story

nonmember avatar Katie

Really what's so wrong with that. If I had the money I would give anything to my kids. Last time I checked Kim is North's mother not anyone elses. People need to start minding their own business

nonmember avatar Nikki

Not a big fan of the Kardashians, but what's wrong with Kim letting baby North swim the dolphins? Not a damn thing, she's being a mom and letting her have fun. Swimming with the dolphins is fun and in sure North loved it

nonmember avatar Christine

This article was horrible...

Melissa E Mennig Watson

I am so tired of everyone being jealous of what celeb parents can afford to do over what average folks can afford to do.. That is really what this is about.. Because the author of this story can't take his kids to swim with the dolphins, Kim shoiuldn't let her daughter do it.. Having money does not make you a bad parent, being narrow minded and small and putting someone down out of jealousy makes you a bad person in general...

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