'Girls' Star Allison Williams Cast as Peter Pan -- BIG Mistake!

allison williams Far be it for me to sound like a total kill-joy, but any hopes I had about NBC's latest attempt at live musicals (Peter Pan) have been set on fire and then pooped on. When it came to casting, my interest -- and lots of yours too, I'd imagine -- was piqued when they announced Christopher Walken would be playing Captain Hook. Cool! Neat! Walken's a great song and dance man. His casting, of course, led to loads of scuttlebutt about who would play the role of Peter. 

This is a role traditionally played by a woman. Mary Martin starred in the original. It wasn't out of the question that Lea Michele might play the part. Her name was definitely being bandied about, it makes sense! Girlfriend can sing, act, and is adorable -- why not return to her Broadway roots as Pan? But NBC went another way, and that way is insane: They chose Girls star Allison Williams. What in the name of all that is holy and good is happening on this planet right now?! 

Sure, Williams can sing, but just the notion of her donning those green tights and taking to the skies seems ... wrong! They definitely can't cast Lea Michele now, not even as Wendy! She would totally steal the show away from theatrical amateur Williams, and you know I speak truths. Ug, ug, ug. Like the Carrie Underwood and Vampire Bill version of The Sound of Music wasn't bad enough -- now this?!

It's a weird time for television, and I'm not just talking about musical specials. Lea Michele was cast in another TV show, as we all know ... in Sons of Anarchy. Arguably her being cast in that show is just as strange (if not stranger) than Allison William's being cast as Peter Pan. Who knows? Maybe I'm wrong. It's happened before (rarely). They could both show off phenomenal range in these new roles ... but I doubt it.

What do you think of these two strange casting choices?


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CLM3345 CLM3345

Didn't Lea Michele get cast in Sons of Anarchy? I hadn't heard of her in GOT, but maybe I missed that announcement. I think Allison is cute. I haven't heard her sing. She has the acting chops that Carrie didn't have for Sound of Music, even though I did enjoy her performance. I'll watch Peter Pan as well. I'm getting tired of women bashing other women for not fitting a role when they haven't even seen it. The comments for the 50 Shades trailer were horrendous.

nonmember avatar meghan

Lea Michelle isn't the only singing actress in Hollywood. give it a rest.

nonmember avatar Michael

You are being a bit harsh IMHO. Hard to tell from the picture what she might look like with PP make up on and maybe she can sing fairly well too. Or it could be a clown-show. Just saying its probably too early to make that call right now.

Pete Lloyd

Thank God Lea is doing something besides a musical and while I don't see Allison as Peter good luck to her she can't be worse that Carrie Underwood was...



Snapp... SnappleQueen

Having a famous dad has its perks.

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