Lamar Odom Refusing to Divorce Khloe Kardashian for Saddest Reason EVER

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Khloe Kardashian Lamar Odom

After months and months of things dragging on, Lamar Odom still has not signed divorce papers, so he and Khloe Kardashian are legally married whether she likes it or not.

And even though it's clear she's moved on with her life, given that she's all hot and heavy with French Montana, Lamar refuses to give up on the marriage. It really makes no sense given how over it Khloe appears to be.

But just wait until you hear why Lamar supposedly doesn't want this divorce, because it's nothing short of depressing.

A source told Hollywood Life, "He doesn't want to divorce her because he loves her so much."

Huh. He's really that in love with her? Then why did he let things go down the drain in the first place by getting into all sorts of shady behavior? And if Lamar truly cares about Khloe as much as he claims to, why won't he give her what she wants most -- a divorce?!?

What's that old saying? "If you love something, let it go ..." or whatever?

Something tells me Lamar's refusal to end this marriage has more to do with maintaining some sort of control over Khloe versus clinging to the hope that they'll magically fall in love all over again.

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Either that or he's afraid that severing ties with the Kardashian crew will somehow hurt his already failing career even more, so he figures he might as well ride the wave as long as he can.

Ugh. Poor Khloe. Divorce is enough of a pain in the ass without your soon-to-be-ex-husband making the process last a hell of a lot longer than it has to.

Do you think Lamar really loves Khloe?


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Bette House Tetreault

Being married to a Kardashian can obviously make anyone take to drugs and extra marital affairs.    People need to stay clear of that crazy family.  

nonmember avatar Janette Alvarez

I think he does but can't let go because he may not be in a good place. So he would rather do nothing and delay things bc in his heart he loves her but he is really messed up so time is at a stand still.

Diquan Williams

yes he do and she need to give him a second chance. i think she give up too quick on him. i know she have went through allot with him but she should have stayed by him a fight, because i think he is doing much better

Laura Kham Crane

You go Khloe hold on too that man! Wouldn't blame you a bit if you go back (take him back)!

Elizabeth Boyett

I think he cannot make up his mind on the divorce, because he knows how good she took care of him, and now its hard to forget. He needs to grow up and make a decision, because she is going on with her life regardless of what he wants.

Carolyn O'leary

Just wait it out..he is back on the juice...and everyone knows how that ends.

nonmember avatar Tami

Money probably has something to do with it too.

Tanya Mcdonald

probably wont divorce until she offers him some money!!!

Victoria Rios

NO, sad to say this but he only loves himself.

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