Josh Murray Slams Nick Viall for Admitting He Slept With Andi Dorfman

Andi Dorfman Josh Murray

I'm sorry, but hearing Nick Viall call out Andi Dorfman for having sex with him in the fantasy suite during the overnight dates on The Bachelorette was quite possibly one of the most epic moments in "After the Final Rose" history.

And while many of us would love nothing more than to give Nick a high-five for exposing Andi for the hypocrite that she is, there are some people who think he was totally out of line, including her fiance.

In a press call yesterday, Josh Murray slammed Nick for spilling Andi's secret, which just goes to show how overly obsessed he is with her.

He said:

To be honest, it was very classless and disrespectful. It just shows the type of person that he really is. I don't associate myself with those kind of people and neither does Andi. Really he's of no concern to us or our lives.

Excuse me? The two of them having sex shows what type of person Nick really is? What the hell does it say about Andi's character?

Um, yeah ... it's all well and good that Josh is standing up for his bride-to-be, but that doesn't change the fact that she got it on with another dude just days before accepting his proposal!

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If Andi was truly certain Josh was the man she's going to spend the rest of her life with, was it really a good idea for her to have one last fling with Nick, especially knowing how in love with her he was/is?!?

I know Josh is simply trying to act like Nick and Andi's relationship doesn't matter to him, but keep in mind that he's still caught up in all the hoopla surrounding the final rose ceremony. There's plenty of time for her fantasy suite behavior to pose problems down the road.

But hey, I guess the good news is that Josh and Nick were the only two men she spent the night with. At least Josh doesn't have to worry about any more bedroom surprises surfacing.

Unless Juan Pablo slips up and reveals more details of his overnight date with Andi. (Wait ... what?)

Do you think Josh should be mad at Andi for sleeping with Nick?


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nonmember avatar fifi

This is a terrible "slut shaming" article! If you think Andi is the first Bachelorette or Bachelor to sleep with the person who wasn't ultimately the final choice, you need to get a clue.

nonmember avatar Victoria

Mary you should be ashamed pf yourself! Slut shamming is never ok. Good for Josh standing up for his future wife. That where your focused should be, instead of on the fact that Andi, as a grown woman, chose to have sex with *gasp* two men!

knitt... knittykitty99

Yikes!  She was still dating both men at the time - that is how the show works.  Nick was an ass for kissing and telling.  You are a misogynist.

nonmember avatar Patty

Nick asked to speak to her in private three times and she turned him down. Thats what she gets for not giving him answers. As far as Josh calling him classless and other names he should look at Andi's actions and choices, she lead him on..... Most people would love to be associated with people like Nick!

Mark Cox

they dont concern themselves but yet they talking bout him...i love people on fake shows and their logic and fans who try to explain it

nonmember avatar Slam Man

Sounds like she has a future at the bunny ranch.I bet she pulled trains in college...don't worry Andi with Obama in office there will be plenty of free contracepticves and bcps for your extra-ciricular activities.

Bentl... Bentley39

I don't understand why she would sleep with him when she knew she was in love with josh...definitely wasn't a good move on her part!

Sonia Maldonado-Kirkland

Who is to say that Nick is lying cause she didn't pick and is just making it up to slander Andi. To begin he had something wierd about him. For me it looked as if he was totally confused as to what he wanted.

nonmember avatar erin

It was classless to say that on national television, not to sleep with her. These articles are worthless.

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