Who Is the Next 'Bachelor'? These Guys Are in the Running!

Now that the season finale of The Bachelorette has aired, and hottie Josh Murray was officially taken off the market when Andi Dorfman gave him the final rose and he proposed, it's time to start speculating on who the next Bachelor will be.

We had some good ones this season, huh? Nary a Juan Pablo in sight! We hope. Oh please let there not be another Juan Pablo ... one Juan is more than enough. Assuming God broke the mold on JP, let's take a look at some of the contenders for the next season of The Bachelor and discuss.

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Nick Viall was the runnerup, even though we all basically knew Andi was head over heels for Josh. Some ladies might have some sympathy for this guy over his expressed heartache that Andi would sleep with him and not want to marry him, but I think more of us might be turned off by his kiss-and-tell antics.

Marcus Grodd made the final four but was booted after the hometown dates. He's super cute but seems to be fickle in love. He claimed he had a really hard time getting over Andi but less than three months later was reportedly engaged to Lacy Faddoul, a contestant from Juan Pablo's season whom he met on Bachelor in Paradise. So probably not him.

Arie Luyendyk Jr. is a potential from seasons past but could be a good one. This tall, dark, and handsome race car driver was the runnerup on Emily Maynard's season, but he remains a fan favorite. Plus, you know, he's not engaged to someone else at the moment. That's important.

Marquel Martin would be such a classy pick. He's sweet and funny and able to handle uncomfortable situations like a pro. How he managed not to explode at Andrew on the Men Tell All special was more than impressive. Plus he'd be the first African-American Bachelor, which earns him some extra cool points. Alas, it's probably not meant to be, since he too was cast in Bachelor in Paradise.

Chris Soules is more than likely going to be our guy. This super hawt millionaire farmer from Iowa is the epitome of homegrown goodness. Even Andi totally loves the guy, though if she wasn't in love with him. Only thing is that he's sort of soft-spoken, but if producers can play up the strong and sensitive angle of his personality (which he seems to have in spades), this guy could be gold.

Who do you want to be the next Bachelor?


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nonmember avatar natalie

Markel Martin.....after so, so many seasons its time for a BLACK bachelor. He would be a GREAT CATCH for any woman. The sweet, shy white guy deal has been done time and time again...DO THEY HAVE THE BALLS ENOUGH TO SHOW GROWTH On this show? Tired of the the token 1 or 2 black participants that never make it near the end. If they want to rep the USA then he is the MAN! Next step, when will it be okay to go gay with this franchise??? A move with Chris from Iowa will just be more of the same when they have an opportunity to make a difference! GO WITH THE COOKIE MONSTER!!!!

nonmember avatar Rebecca

I vote for a new guy as the bachelor. Someone who has not already been on the show.

nonmember avatar Liane Sabina

Hands down Marquel, he's got the best personality.

Cyndy Portman

Chris the farmer is a nice guy so I don't think it will be him. There wouldn't be enough drama for this show. I like Arie.

nonmember avatar mary

farmer Chris!!! total sweetheart!

nonmember avatar Crystal

Chris!!!! Hands down!! He will make some lucky lady a wonderful husband!!! He is honest and sincere! He would be perfect đź‘Ś #teamchisthefarmer

Maureen Swanson

My first vote is for Nick! Yea, he came off a little cocky at times but who wouldn't when you're on this show and you're CLEARLY a front runner? You have to have a little confidence.. no, I take that back.. a lot of confidence to not get eaten alive on this show. (Yes, I know there's a difference between cockiness and confidence, but let's be real, he has both.) Nick has a good head on his shoulders, he's attractive, intelligent and he would most likely put his whole heart out there. Plus, I feel like America would like to see him fall in love again, and this time with his wife.
My second pick is Arie. Ohhhhhh Arie. Need I say more? He would just flat out make an amazing bachelor. America loves you Arie.

nonmember avatar Pam Shepherd

Farmer Chris is the most popular and would boost ratings.

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