Kendall Jenner's Latest Immature Antics Are Downright Dangerous (VIDEO)


Kendall JennerWho knew Kendall Jenner was into making horror films? For that is what this short video appears to be -- and I'm not even talking about "Sk8er Boi" blasted on the car's sound system. (Though that certainly turns up the ACK!!! factor.) No, I'm talking about Kendall dancing, singing, gyrating, and turning her eyes from the road about a bajillion times.

Seriously, check this out:

OMIGAWD, if that were my daughter, I would slap her silly! In fact, if I see Kendall on the street, I may just slap her silly.

All it takes is a moment of distraction for a lifetime of pain and suffering -- or even death. And, hey, if Kendall chooses to take her life in her hands, well, that's on her. But what about the other people on the road??

Chances are Kendall uploaded this right after filming too, so if she'd gotten into an accident, we certainly would have known who was at fault. (Hint: Sounds like Ken doll.)

I hope Bruce takes a moment out of getting a French manicure to have a talk with Kendall about driving safety.

Do you think this was dangerous or just what every teen does and no big deal and I'm being totally uptight 'cause I value my life 'n' stuff like that?


Image via KendallJenner/Instagram



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nonmember avatar ProDriver

Give the girl a beat down. Better yet, pull the stereo out of her car and take away her phone. When she has no choice, then she's concentrate on driving.

MileyWHO MileyWHO

That would take responsible parents. None in site.

nonmember avatar Janely

She wasn't drunk or texting just singing a song and I agree she looked away a few times but really when you're talking to someone next to you, you don't look at them a few times while getting to your point? And unless gyrating has a meaning that im not aware of, I didn't see any in this video. How about we worry about more important things in our own lives....maybe just throwing it out there.

nonmember avatar Emily

You say she looked away "a bajillion times", but she only actually looked away twice while moving...

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