Jessa Duggar's Engagement Secret May Have Been Spilled by Sister Jill

Jessa Duggar, Ben SeewaldAre Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald officially engaged yet? Come on, people, we need another Duggar wedding! We can't be sustained by Jill Dillard's snap-happy Instagram account alone. Actually, it was a photo on Mrs. Dillard's social media that sparked the latest engagement rumors surrounding Jess and Ben.

Jill invited her little sis Jessa over for lunch on Monday, and since the newlywed 19 Kids and Counting star has gone a little bit Instagram-crazy recently, she documented the occasion with a sibling selfie. Of course, the photo itself, along with the revealing caption, tell us everything we need to know about Jessa's betrothal status.

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First off, Jessa is holding her left hand under the table. Obviously there's a ring on her finger and she's hiding it. OK, fine, that could be a total coincidence. But wait until you hear what Jill captioned the photo with!

"Lunch with my sweet sis @jessaseewald today! #jessaseewald #jillmdillard #sisterlunch"

Jessa SEEWALD? Every girl knows you don't start publicly calling yourself by your boyfriend's last name until you get that locked down. You know how boys are -- they're skittish. Of course, maybe things work differently in Duggar land. That's likely.

Do you think Jessa and Ben are officially engaged yet?


Image via Jessa Duggar/Instagram



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nonmember avatar Jess

Jessa has had that Instagram tag weeks before Jill's wedding. So who knows.

Darlene Simpson Clayton sounds more like officially married more than it does officially engaged! None the less... these precious girls are the epitome of what a positive and genuine role model is for my daughter. I love their standards and the incredible respect that they show their parents who taught them how to hold themselves to a higher standard and how to honor and guard their purity for that special someone that God brings into their lives. They are such a joy to watch, and whats more.. they don't just talk the talk.... they walk the talk on a daily basis. Thank You Duggar Girls for living the standard that God has outlined for us to live by. You are such an encouraging, joyful, beautiful, sincere, genuine, loving and fun family!! We love you!!!

nonmember avatar Andy

Nah, She's been calling herself Jessa Seewald for months and months. I get that she probably wanted to secure the Instagram account before some creepy fan could start posting under the name but WAIT until you're married to start using the account.

Jessa Duggar is quite hypocritical, she REFUSED to try on wedding dresses with Jill before she was engaged to Benny but using his last name fraudulently is fine! What would Christ say about her maturity level heading into marriage? Stop lying little girl, before it starts effecting your family's ability to earn TV $$$$!

Joy Kent

Probably! Wanted it as a surprise when new season starts I'm sure.

erica... ericahager2005

Wouldn't surprise me one bit if she caught the bouquet at her sister's wedding

Elizabeth Marie Hatcher

She's been calling herself that on her Instagram account for a while now. So of course that's how her sister would tag her.

needa... needadvice1983

Really Andy? Did you think she didn't want to try on wedding dresses because maybe she didn't want to take away from her sisters excitement? I highly doubt using an Instagram tag is going to take down her whole families tv empire. Stop being so dramatic.

Mandy Robinson

She has called herself that for months.

Tammy Lynne Rowe-Wallace

Did any of you doodle your name if you married so and so all over notebooks, napkins?! This is that same thing but in the technological world. She isn't a liar...she's a dreamer. Nothing wrong with that!

nonmember avatar Bobbie

Girls have always used their boyfriends name

I remember doing it as a teen

its no big thing

stop judging

and because her hand is hidden there has to be a ring on it OMG

ya'll get a life

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