Kate Middleton May Be Pippa's Matron of Honor Very Soon

Pippa MiddletonIt looks like little Prince George is going to have an opportunity to show off his new walking skills as the ring bearer at his aunt’s wedding! Rumor has it that Kate Middleton’s sister Pippa is THISCLOSE to becoming Mrs. Jackson. Her stockbroker boyfriend Nico Jackson is said to be seriously thinking about putting a ring on it.

Of course, you can’t help but wonder what Kate has to say about all of this, especially when there's a good chance that Pippa is going to be pushing Kate out of the spotlight again.

Apparently, there’s strong speculation in Pippa’s inner circle that Nico is ready to make things official with his girlfriend of two years. Life & Style magazine says that it all boils down to sorting out the details at this point. A source told the mag:

She’s on the brink of getting engaged. She’s dropped hints to Nico, but ultimately she’s letting him pick the ring.

What’s more, it looks like the couple won’t be wasting any time in making things legal. The source added:

As soon as Nico pops the question, they won’t be wasting any time planning. The engagement will probably last only six to nine months.

While Pippa first made headlines for that rump-hugging dress she wore at the royal wedding over three years ago, it looks like she's ready to wow us again. So we all want to see the wedding dress she will be wearing when she walks down the aisle. The question is, will she ask Kate to be her maid of honor?

Do you think Pippa will have a big, splashy wedding? 

Image via Clive Brunskill/Getty

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Raven Jones

Kate would have to be a Matron of honour

Anna Simms

no, I think she"l have a close family & friends weding.


nonmember avatar lynn

pippa is a famewhore, shes been stalking and sleeping with aristos boys for ages hoping for a title, nico is running to switzerland, l hope he gets a restraining order from this middletrash clan!

nonmember avatar betty

shes UGLY!! Was she a man before? Yikes!!

nonmember avatar micmac

Now that the Queen & most of the RF are going on summer holidays, it would be a good time for Kate to organise any part she may play in her sister's wedding, if it is on the cards. It also would be a good time for Pippa & Nico to announce their engagement & I hope everything goes to plan for them.

nonmember avatar betty

they WONT be a wedding, nicko jackson is running for his dear life in switzerland, away from this grabbing family, he will get a beautiful blonde gir in swiss, ya not this train wreck!

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