Andi Dorfman & Josh Murray Hung Out at Club Together Before 'The Bachelorette'

Andi DorfmanThis season of The Bachelorette has finally come to a close and the final rose has been handed out. To no one's surprise, Andi Dorfman picked Josh Murray, and in a move that possibly made Nikki Ferrell jealous, the handsome baseball player proposed to his lady love.

The newly engaged pair went on Jimmy Kimmel Live after the show and talked about what life's been like keeping their engagement on the DL since filming ended. Remember, these two both live in Atlanta, so there was definitely more opportunity to sneak around than couples from previous seasons. In fact, it turns out that they may have hung out together at a club before they even went on the show!

After admitting that they've been sneaking back and forth to each other's houses since the camera stopped rolling, Jimmy asked them if they'd ever run into each other before they decided to look for love on national television.

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That's when things got ... interesting. Josh immediately said no they hadn't, but Andi let out a knowing, "Well ..."

Josh jumped in with, "I mean, we were at a club one time, and I saw her, but I wasn't allowed to say anything." He continued, "I'm very shy, so I wasn't going to go up and talk to her -- and I wasn't allowed to at that time either."

It turns out that Josh was in the casting process for the show, and while Andi hadn't yet been announced as the next Bachelorette, there were a lot of rumors that she was it.

After vehemently denying that he talked to her, Andi chimed in, "I didn't see him," to which he sort of countered, "She did see me." Andi responded, "I'm claiming I did not see him, because if I saw him, of course I never would've gone on the show, I just would've started dating him."

Hmmm ... it looks like they can't keep their story straight! Is it possible they met before the cameras started rolling and had that secret connection from the very first episode? Those other guys probably didn't stand a chance.

Do you think Andi and Josh met before filming for The Bachelorette started?


Image via Andi Dorfman/Instagram

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nonmember avatar Catina

Andi and Josh are adorable together! They have amazing chemistry and are both gorgeous. They definitely will have beautiful babies

nonmember avatar sarah

LOL.Catina thinks people from a fake show will have precious

nonmember avatar Crazy Daisy

Snooki did and nothing is faker than Jersey Shore

Bentl... Bentley39

Then why are you on this page Sarah?

Debbie Shaffer

Leave them alone for Pete's Sake. People can't stand to see other people happy. Worry about your own relationships!!

nonmember avatar dmac

Who gives a crap if they did meet before if they are happy so what if they got a little tv facetime. I mean really why give up the chance to go around the world for free hello free vacation why not.

Sandra Blake

Why is this a surprise?  They all know each other - the reason they keep recycling them from one season to another and one program to the other. 

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