Catelynn Lowell's Latest Selfie Fuels Even More Pregnancy Rumors

Catelynn LowellHave you heard the rumor that Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra may be pregnant with their second child together? The Teen Mom stars have remained frustratingly tight-lipped about the whole ordeal, at least after their initial announcement they were going to start trying to conceive a baby.

Despite the fact that Catelynn's mom and brother spilled the beans about her alleged pregnancy and a possible sonogram photo was leaked, the reality star refuses to put the rumors to rest. But she did post another selfie that has people talking.

Catelyyn posted this soulful pic along with the caption, "Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder."

Eye of the beholder or not -- she looks so pretty! Almost pretty enough for us not to care that she won't tell us if she's actually pregnant or not. 

Funny how the photo is from the neck up -- AGAIN -- what about that belly, Catelynn? That would put a stop to the rumors once and for all!

After everything she and Ty have been through in the last 10 years, including giving up their first child together for adoption, we're just so dang excited for them to have a little one to raise on their own. Even though it makes sense they're keeping it hush-hush, we can't help but want to go on every step of the journey with them.

Why do you think Catelynn and Tyler won't confirm or deny the pregnancy rumors?


Image via Catelynn Lowell/Instagram

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Amy Hyland

She looks high in that pic and she looks just like her homely crack head mom 

nonmember avatar nene

She also could just be very uncomfortable with her body and only likes showing from the shoulders up... not every girl who hides her belly is hiding a pregnant belly. Just a thought

nonmember avatar jk

Its scary she looks identical to her mom.

nonmember avatar jk

I don't understand they can have kids together but you mention marriage and he freaks out. Kids are a much bigger commitment than marriage. These 2 should have been done with each other a long time ago.

Samal... Samalama319

Its a selfie....of course its only from the shoulders up

nonmember avatar Amanda

If you look at her friend @davidlowell 's page...there is a full pic of her and Tyler....she doesnt look pregnant.

nonmember avatar Lauren

Oh my goodness... Can she not take a photo without people saying, oh it's suspicious she's not showing her body?!? She does not look high, or like her mother. Her mother looks far far worse than she.

Lauri Kashkin

Maybe she hasn't confirmed or denied the rumors because it isn't anyone's business if she is or isn't pregnant.

nonmember avatar shannon

Because its no one else's freakin business if she is or not...geez! Leave the girl alone! Most all my selfies are from the neck That doesn't mean I'm hiding anything. Your arm only reach so far and your camera can only get so much in the picture!

nonmember avatar Christina

She had already denied allegations. She said she is waiting to graduate and get married...leave this alone already!

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