Catelynn Lowell & Farrah Abraham's Reunion Is a Disaster in the Making

Catelynn Lowell Farrah Abraham

D'oh! It's time to get ready for a major cat fight or two, because it's been confirmed that Teen Mom stars Catelynn Lowell and Farrah Abraham will reunite on a Couple's Therapy All-Star reunion show.

If you recall, Catelynn and Tyler Baltierra appeared on the show's third season, after which they decided to call off their wedding and give things more time. (Huh. Guess it totally paid off.)

And Farrah? Yeah ... after her relationship with Brian Dawe was revealed to be staged for the sake of appearing on the show, she still came on as a single woman. (Because that makes complete sense, being that it's called Couple's Therapy.)

But even though their respective seasons were pretty interesting, this new All-Star episode will be taped in front of a live audience. The possibilities are endless as to what will go down between Catelynn and Farrah.

Something tells me whatever interaction they have isn't going to be pretty, especially since Farrah deemed Catelynn and Tyler irresponsible for wanting to have another child. Catelynn not only called Farrah out for making a sex tape, but also referred to her new sex toy line as "disgusting." (Though rightfully, I might add.)

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But let's just hope Farrah is prepared with plenty of good comebacks for whatever Catelynn throws her way. As of now, Catelynn obviously has the upper hand, and it's going to be next to impossible for Farrah to swing any fans over in her direction, given how raunchy her entire lifestyle is.

Get ready, people. The Couple's Therapy reunion show films August 8 at 6 p.m -- so hopefully it airs soon after that.

I. Can't. WAIT!

Do you think Farrah and Catelynn will come to blows?


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Connie Evans

i hope catelynn scratches farrahs eyes out but cayelynn is to sweet to do something like that

Latisha Lafosse

They probably will get into it. Farrah always has something to say about someone.

snowb... snowball01201

Ummmmmmm if anyone follows Catelynn on Facebook they would see she also can't stop talking about Farrah so it goes both ways! Watching couples therapy you saw another side of both Catelynn and Tyler too so I don't know why everyone tries to make them out to be perfect. I don't care for Farrah but it's her attitude that makes me not like her? I couldn't care less that she made a sex tape and has a sextoy line, it's her life and she can make whatever choices she wants. So seriously, who is either of them to judge the other? 

nonmember avatar tx rose

Farrah doesn't stand a chance because of her horrid personality, IMO. She comes off as an uneducated, illiterate moron no matter what she is talking about. She's straight up jealous of Tyler/Catelyn & it shows. We all saw how desperate she is to find a man, settle down & have another baby. All that crap she spouts off about "I wouldn't go out & find a boyfriend & have another baby because I'm SO superior" would go right out the window if she could just find SOMEONE who could tolerate her narcissistic sociopath/habitual liar personality disorder, doesn't mind that their wife got plowed like a farm animal on tape & has a mold of her vag & corn hole on the market for weirdos to hump in the privacy of their mother's basement. She's the biggest hypocrite/walking contradiction I think I've ever seen. I'm Team Catelyn all the way...Catelyn may have her faults like all of us do, but you give me HER faults over Farrah's any day of the week. Go Catelyn!

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