Chelsea Houska Drastically Changes Her Hair (PHOTO)

Chelsea Houska

Damn. Chelsea Houska is looking slimmer than ever these days, and apparently she needed a dramatic hair change to complement her bangin' new bod.

And due to the camera angle and/or lighting in recent photos of her, we totally missed her big makeover. It's such a huge shift from her brown hair with subtle red highlights, I'm not even sure where to begin.

The picture she shared on Twitter speaks for itself, people.


OMG!!! Is that about the hottest shade of red you've ever seen or what? And I know she apparently thinks her hair is a mess in this photo, what with the whole "bed head" comment -- but don't you think she looks pretty darn sexy?

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It's so obvious that Chel's healthy and fit lifestyle is doing wonders for her self esteem, which is so refreshing. Plenty of women feel the need to change their hair in a major way after shedding a lot of weight, so I guess it was about time for Chelsea to go for a bold new shade.

But regardless of what color her hair is, Chel is such a beauty. She really can't go wrong with whatever hue she happens to be sporting at any given time. And if she does suffer an unfortunate color mishap? Hey -- it's a good thing she works in the beauty industry where she can find a quick fix in no time.

Do you like Chelsea's red hair?


Image via chelseahouska/Instagram

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