Nick Viall Sends Unexpected Message to Andi Dorfman & Josh Murray

nick viallIt's official, Andi Dorfman is engaged to Josh Murray, and she is The Bachelorette no more. And while the couple was clearly rejoicing in their now public engagement, one person was still majorly confused about how it all went down. Nick Viall, Andi's runner-up, was unceremoniously dumped on last night's episode and got absolutely zero answers as to why. But his latest message to Andi and Josh has come from way out of left field (too soon for baseball references?).

Immediately after the After the Final Rose segment aired, where Nick finally got to confront Andi and even expose their, ahem, sexual activities, he sent a very interesting note to the couple. Take a look:

"Wishing you both incredible happiness." Period.

Hey, at least he's diplomatic in his breakups. Not quite sure Andi deserved an overwhelmingly mushy "congratulations" message after the way she handled their relationship, but at least Nick is handling the situation maturely.

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His confrontation with Andi last night was a long time coming. Apparently, he tried to meet up with her twice since the show ended (including at The Men Tell All) to really get some closure, but she turned him down both times. But there was no way to get out of last night's much needed convo, which, unfortunately, probably left everyone even more confused. That's why we definitely didn't see this one coming.

His note is quick and to the point, and if we quickly glaze over the fact that he revealed their fantasy suite hookup, it shows that he's actually one stand-up dude. Is it time to start the "Nick for Bachelor" campaign? Who's with me?

Do you think Andi made the right choice?


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nonmember avatar Renny

I feel that Nick is a stand up kind of guy. He tried reaching out to Andi initially, but she refused to see him. In hindsight Andi should have given him the opportunity to discuss this in private. She brought this on herself. Her cold demeanor was just all wrong coming out in the first place. I can't stand in support of her hurting him and pretending she did nothing wrong. No one blames her for her choosing Josh, as this was her decision to make. But how she misled Nick was all game and totally uncalled for. She admitted to not ever loving him and knew without any doubt that sleeping with him would make his feeling grow stronger. Can't cry over spilled milk, but her redemption could have taken place had she showed a little more empathy and compassion. I was like “this chick really is heartless!” To add insult to injury she tries saving herself by saying she saved him the embarrassment by not allowing him to, damage was already done, so I'm not buying it. Where the heck was the compassion? Nick calling her out was not planned; just all hurt and shock talking. Still baffled at how she was willing take it as far as she did, knowing that their relationship wouldn't progress. Giving that she is an attorney who is analytical by nature she should have played her cards a little better. Sorry, not that anyone cares, but I can’t give her a pass on this one. I’m just saying…

nonmember avatar vicki farmer

Sad, I liked Nick, josh seems like a cheese ball and his true colors prob won't cone out until after marriage, josh seems like a meathead where as nick seems sexy and smart

Team nick!!!!!!

nonmember avatar vicki farmer

Josh is an insincerely cheeseball

nonmember avatar Maria

Andi Dorfman is a mean girl. Totally lost all respect for her. Josh; is a MEATHEAD!! He needs ADD meds. Totally Fake!! I give them six months; tops!! Nick, you are true blue. Two thumbs up to you. Take this as a blessing in disguise.

nonmember avatar bella

Nick is a douche bag period.

nonmember avatar Jennifer

I think he's hurt and confused. I think personally no one did anything wrogn when u go on these reality shows shouldn't u explore every opportunity like dating in real life. Seriously he should get over it and move on he is starting to look like a stalker.

Emily Carter

I agree she should have talked to him in private. She was very cold last night. She strung him along and I just want to smack her for it. All along he was smitten with her and she would lead him on! I hope he finds someone who can truly love him. He deserves better!

Arlene Hill

Andi is a pure twit! Nick came out ahead in this; I hope he's the next Bachelor. While Josh and Andi look like sister and brother, she was a tramp to sleep with both in the fantasy suites and then ignore Nick. Especially while he was trying to discuss everything with her and get closure. She did lead him on in two separate instances, at least. One to say he didn't need to worry as he did, and when she said she wished she could say things back to him. She deserved the embarrassment he served her on National TV. But it didn't seem to faze her one bit. Then again she's a District Attorney. Her trademark grin is what she is..  

Ann Morris

Yes he needs to be the new bachelor!! He needs to get over it!!!! Andi has her man!!!

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