Kim Kardashian Takes 1,200 Selfies for Most Vain Reason

kim kardashianThere's being fond of yourself, and then there's Kim Kardashian. We all know that Kim is the queen of selfies -- and with good reason, the woman can take a mean pic of herself. But is there a line when it comes to how many selfies a person should take of themselves in the span of a couple days? If you ask Kim, the answer to that is an unequivocal no. There's never enough.

In the past few episodes of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kim has been working on a selfie book for her husband, Kanye West, while she vacations in beautiful Thailand with her family. And in a recently released deleted scene E! shared, Kim reveals the exact number of selfies she took/plans on taking during the trip. You literally won't believe the number, people. It's well over 1,000. How is that even possible?! Even Kris Jenner is in awe of her child!

After getting off the phone with Kanye, where she's talking about, yes, her selfies, she bumps into her mother in a room where she hasn't yet taken a photo of herself. After taking a few snaps of herself, Kris tells her she's become obsessed (which clearly she has) and asks her how many she plans on taking -- to which Kim replies, "1,200."

Twelve-hundred selfies on a week-long vacation! How does she have time to do anything else? How much memory does her camera have? It's no secret that Kim is exceptionally fond of herself, but wow! Twelve-hundred is a truly shocking number!

Whatever floats her boat. She looks amazing, so why not capture it, I suppose. But man, taking that many photos of one's self sounds exhausting. Kim, sometimes, you truly are an enigma.

Do you think Kim's penchant for selfies has reached obsession-level?


Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram


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nonmember avatar sandy

Obsession? I'd say narcissism. This level of self-involvement seems truly bizarre to me: Solid self-esteem is one thing; ongoing self-fascination and -absorption are something else. At some point, won't she just implode, due to the intense focus on herself? Eventually, she won't be able to discern who or what she is: her tangible, physical body, or the digital one. Totally surreal...

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