'Bachelorette' Finale Recap: Andi Dorfman Is Engaged but It's Bittersweet

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Andi Dorfman

Well? After watching The Bachelorette finale tonight, I honestly can't decide if I'm really glad this season is finally over, or bummed out that we'll have to wait a few months before The Bachelor kicks off. (Duh. We have Bachelor in Paradise to look forward to. Who cares?) But seriously, now that we know who Andi Dorfman picked as her final dude, it is kind of a buzz kill not to be able to speculate anymore.

And while this season could've gone either way as far as her choosing Nick Viall or Josh Murray, she does seem over-the-moon about the man she plans on spending the rest of her life with.

Andi is engaged to Josh! Still, how freakin' bad did you feel when she not only dumped Nick, but dumped him when he was expecting Neil Lane to show up with a case of bling?!?

I mean, I know it's probably best that she cut him loose when she did, but I think we can all agree that she kinda led him to believe he was the dude for her.

And even though Andi and Josh were all sorts of, "OMG I love you baby OMG I love you mwahhhhh!" after their engagement, the whole thing is definitely bittersweet, given how bent out of shape Nick was and still is over the whole thing.

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Let's hope for Andi's sake that she did make the right decision and that her initial assumptions about Josh were not true -- otherwise, she may wind up having her heart broken even worse than poor Nick. (Karma's a bitch.)

Do you think Andi made the right choice?


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Terri Turman Pernia

Wow, that was a bitter final comment! Andi HAD to keep two guys on the string until the ending, that's how the show works. I admire her for cutting him loose as soon as she could on that final day, before he picked out a ring. Personally, I think Nick is creepy. And how UN-gentlemanly to bring up the fantasy suite on the "After the final rose" show. Andi made the right choice.

Roberta Howard

I clearly could see she was going to pick Josh.. But she did give Nick false hope.. It was BIG of her not to let him pick out a ring.. However... I think she should of met with him and told him the true.. WHY did she not want to see him if she is SOOOOOOOOOoo in love with josh. Just tell him that...I think they deserve each other Josh and Andi..... Looking forward to a TRUE Story soon on this show.. Like Tristin and Ryan.


Roberta Howard

Thanks Nick for sharing about the fantsy suite.. Shows u who she truly is.. Wonder what Josh will think..

At least she cared enough for u to sleep with u.. She should NOT of done that if she was going to dump u.. 

Michelle Smith

I think she did make the right choice, i wish them the best.


Tara Grunlund

Wow, it sure seems like Andi gets pretty defensive when anyone says anything that doesn't indicate their total worship of her.. Nick got to confront her on the finale tonight, but visibly had a hard time coming out & asking her how she could lead him on the way she did. He was clearly feeling hurt all over again with her sitting right there--all eyes on him besides. How humiliating for him. Her response didn't answer any questions in my opinion--if anything, she seemed a bit heartless to me! :(
While Nick wasn't big on my list of favorites this season, after watching everything unfold like it did over the course of the series, and in the finale, I truly felt bad for him. He put his heart out there, and just ended up looking like a fool thanks to Andi and the producers. He was not only heart-broken, but humiliated and left without real answers in the end. I do think Andi led him on, taking things too far like he said. I just hope he is able to trust someone enough to love again. I think the only reason he came off seeming 'arrogant & cocky' to the other guys is because he was led to believe that his strong feelings for Andi were mutual, when truth be told, according to her, she loved Josh from the start. This make no sense to me, considering she didn't know who she wanted for sure til almost right up to the 'pending engagement'. How confused she left him. In the end, I think he handled himself fairly well all things considered!

nonmember avatar linda jack

I always thought Andi has an attitude problem . Josh has an attitude problem also. They won't make it very long because of that. Andi sure led Nick on like a fool. She told him to just trust. I think Nick was good for ANdi because Nick does not have a bad attitude. I wish I could a Nick- Josh is a dime a dozen good looking with cute dimples. But marriage is not about just that. Andi missed a good thing with Nick. He is much more thoughtful and caring than Nick. She like Josh in the bedroom more than Nick but guess what Josh is too close to his family for me. Andi will always be second to Josh's family and brother. I spotted that as a problem right away. Andi and Josh will NEVER WORK . There so called loved does not even look real but a performance.

nonmember avatar ll

Nick was too good for Andi--likes the jock types and led Nick on all the way. She was having sex with Nick but yet says she loved Josh-- Nick is too good for Adi because she is shallow and has an attitude problem. Josh has an attitude problem as well and when the I love you wear off they are going to be fighting all the time. And the biggest problem after that will be Josh's family. He is too close to them and all in their business. Andi will become the second wheel. I wish I could find a Nick. He is a class act.

Jennifer Clements

She is such a bitch!! I am so glad this season is over it was the worst one yet!!!


Roger Griffith

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