Josh Murray & Andi Dorfman Are Engaged! 8 Things to Know About Him

Andi Dorfman Josh Murray

In what no doubt had to be the most predictable ending in Bachelorette history, Andi Dorfman chose Josh Murray over Nick Viall. Now they're engaged and happy and all that good stuff.

She may have had her doubts about his character from time to time, but as far as any of us can tell, Josh is truly head-over-heels for Andi and has every intention of being with her for the long haul.

But aside from his dark, handsome good looks and the fact that he too lives in Atlanta, some of you are probably asking, "Who is this dude?"

Here are eight things that will help you get to know Andi's lovah a little better.

  1. Even though he resides in Georgia now, Josh is a Tampa, Florida, native.
  2. Josh is a former baseball player. He was drafted straight out of high school to the Milwaukee Brewers -- but he never wound up making it to the major league.
  3. His sports talents don't stop at baseball. He was also a walk-on football player at the University of Georgia, though he only appeared in two games.
  4. Josh's younger brother, Aaron Murray, is actually the bigger sports star. He was a quarterback at the University of Georgia and was drafted by the Kansas City Chiefs.
  5. Josh's other love is his bulldog, Sabel.
  6. He has three tattoos.
  7. When he's not competing with 25 other guys for the love of one woman, Josh works in financial services for Capstone Financial.
  8. He wears a whopping size 13 shoe -- yowza

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Would you have picked Josh if you were Andi?


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Catherine Dotson Beall

Oh Yes, would have definitely picked Josh!!! He is the perfect man, cannot find anything wrong with him & love his smile!!!!!! They look so good together! Can only imagine what cute kids they will have!! Best Wishes Andi & Josh!!!!

Margie Davis Stan

Absolutely, those tall dark and handsome guys were always my choice.  I hope they make it.


Rebekah Ann Millward

Maybe Nick made a comment he shouldn't have.....Andi wouldn't have had to worry about it if she wasn't sleeping with both men- Nick deserves better- Andi is cold and Josh is a waste of space-


Barbara Scott Robison

Josh was the best man there. So handsome, make a good looking couple.

Wish them all the best!

Sandra Blake

I got tired of hearing that he wasa 'former pro baseball player'.  If he didnt ever play a game for the pros, how was he a pro?  And why didnt they just say he worder for a financial institution?  Lies or deceipt?  Just looks better on tv. 

Amber Vance

I would of picked josh if I was andi josh's smile is contagious and he's soo sweet. he's handsome:))and good looking.

Florence Christine Hayden

Would have also chosen  Josh...looks does not mean much but ,,he aces in that dept.  lol

Phyllis Blank Simmons

Yeah NIck loved Andi so much he had to publicity state what happened in the fantasy suite!!  Nick is a creep & has no class!  I think he needs to go to  therapy!!!  I hope that Andi was up front & honest with Josh about what happened with Nick that night!!  I think they go good together!!!

Maureen Serrano

oh yessss i would absolutely have pick josh. he is HOT, HOT, HOT. he seems to really care about her. i hope they make it. they will have gorgeous children together. they are a very good looking couple.

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