Keith Urban Concert Weirdly Morphs Into Boozy War Zone

Keith UrbanWhen I think of musicians known for their raucous live shows that inevitably result in concertgoers getting super wasted, I have to say, Keith Urban does not come to mind. It's true that my standout personal experience with having overindulged waaaaayyyyy too much at a show happened at a Tool concert about 25 years ago, so it's possible I have a misperception that most of the people who consume an irresponsible amount of intoxicants before attending a live event are young and into songs with titles like "Hooker With a Penis," but anyway, my point is, how weird is it that 22 drunk-ass people were hospitalized and more than 50 were taken into police custody at a Keith Urban show on Saturday night?

The crowd's trashed behavior is also kind of weird -- or maybe ironic? -- given the fact that Urban's a recovering alcoholic. I mean, what is it about a famously sober country singer that compelled these people to be like, LET'S GET SH-TFACED AND GROUP-SING "BUT FOR THE GRACE OF GOD"?


Not that I'm judging, mind you. Lord knows in my drinking days I thought booze was the perfect precursor to almost any activity, including, say, wine-tasting events. (Bad idea, by the way.) But I guess I assumed most Keith Urban fans are older and not quite so prone to the sort of hijinks that went down at his show in Mansfield, Massachusetts over the weekend.

Forty-six people were treated at the concert itself -- at least in part because inebriated fans were passing out, barfing, and injuring themselves. A bunch of fans were taken to area hospitals, which resulted in medical professionals scrambling to deal with what officials called a "mass casualty incident." According to the Mansfield police chief:

In total, Fire and EMS attended to 46 medicals resulting in 22 transports mostly alcohol-related. The large number of medicals in a shortened time of approximately three hours caused the activation of a phase one EMS plan utilizing ambulances from five mutual aid communities.

While all the medical mayhem was going on, more than 50 people were placed in protective police custody. On top of that, a number of others were arrested for alcohol-related issues.

All in all, the show must have been BANANAS, and not in a good way. Also, I guess I had it all wrong about the Keith Urban demographic, if Mansfield Board of Selectmen Chairman George Dentino is to be believed:

This one just exploded and exploded early. The country fans of yesterday aren’t the country fans of today, who are predominantly 17 to 28 and female. The primary reason for them going there is to party and secondary to that is to listen to the music.

I just checked Ticketmaster and it looks like it costs at least $70 to go see Keith Urban, so that sure seems like an expensive party to me, particularly if you wake up in a drunk tank and can't even remember what he sounded like. Hopefully the news of this show gone bad makes future concertgoers think twice about going overboard with the booze, and the rest of his tour isn't quite so eventful.

Are you surprised to hear that a Keith Urban concert got so out of hand?

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