'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' Recap: Kim Kardashian Is a Total Hypocrite

Kim Kardashian Kim Kardashian owes Khloe Kardashian a HUGE apology. I mean, I guess technically she owes it to her in the past, so there's no real means of accomplishing this unless Kanye West can hook her up with the Doctor and his TARDIS -- a thing that seems vastly unlikely. This week on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, the vacation to Thailand utterly fell apart due to a variety of factors. Khloe wanted to leave early, and Kim, annoyed and upset by this, expressed herself like every grown woman made infamous by the size of her bottom and her sex tape -- she basically called her sister a whore.

Okay, okay, the 'w' bomb wasn't lobbed -- Kim isn't THAT tone deaf. But what she said was so much worse! Khloe was desperate to go home and take care of Rob Kardashian (who she feels a lot of responsibility for). Plus, the vacation hadn't proved to be the respite from the grief of her divorce that she planned. I don't blame her for wanting to go home, but Kim did. 

Kimmy-Kim-Kimness wasn't afraid to tell her sister what she thought of her decision to bail early on family time. She called her pathetic and mocked her decision to go home to one of the "50 rappers you're dating." Um. Kim. Let's have a conversation about how it's never okay to passive-aggressively slut-shame one's own sister -- or anyone, for that matter!

Man, I was really hoping that this recap could focus solely on Kim's ludicrous "selfie book" (IT IS NOT SELFIES UNLESS YOU ARE TAKING THEM, KIM), the younger girls' attempts to escape the island, and the fact that we saw Brody Jenner in the buff, but no, now I've spent my time verbally lashing Kim for being insensitive. THANKS FOR NOTHING, KDAWG. In other news, I would now definitely like to visit Thailand, so good job show.

Why do you think Kim lashed out at Khloe the way she did?


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nonmember avatar Jennifer

Kim kardashian is incredible vapid and thinks only about herself. Khloe had a huge heart and is genuinely worried about Rob. Kim can't see that because she's preoccupied with taking selfies. Who is she to talk about Khloe 50 rappers when her claim to fame was a sex tape. If Khloe is miserable she entitled to feel that way, what's Kims excuse? She thinks she has it all because she's married to a man who she barely sees, has a baby that's almost never around and walks around half naked all day. Maybe she needs to spend some of her money on buying a heart and clue than on Botox and clothes that are too small.

Gianna Markolus

Khloe deserved it. She is always trying to belittle and embarrass Kim and says incredibly insulting things to her regularly. She gangs up on her with her sisters and goes out of her way to exclude and hurt Kim. Only last week she was jealous of her Vogue cover and brought up remember when Kim did K9 magazine and started mocking her with Kourtney. If khloe doesn't like the taste of her own medicine, she should shut up to Breton with. Khloe started it yet again and skim ended it.

MileyWHO MileyWHO

I'm glad Khloe told her off about the selfies. Way to go, Khloe!

Dorothy Gagliardi

Kim thinks of noone but herself. She needs to put some clothes on .No one wants to see her boobs all the time. Kloe has a big heart and worries about rob and what he is going through.


nonmember avatar Jessica

Khloe deserves it. She doesn't respect no one! Not even kris, her mother.

nonmember avatar nicole sutherla

Kim is losing her status as head of the family so by her lasing out at know she feels better about herself grow the hell up the world doesn't care about you anymore you a headline grabbing bitch back off know and look after you own family your track record isn't that great .

nonmember avatar sara gregory

Kim K. I am convinced is actually a total narcissist ....it is amazing . I watched two recent episodes of the thailand family vacation and it confirmed it all.

Kim K. has zero compassion or consideration for anyone else.... ..even her own brother and sister Khloe. I do not know what was more disgusting and sad the selfies or the fake acting she showed when pretending to care about the kids in thailand during their charity trip!

nonmember avatar Wondra101

This is all scripted. This is as fake as your favorite sitcom or vampire drama.

Fakeity fake.

nonmember avatar Anna

Khloe totally deserved it. She was always jealous of Kim and makes excuses to ruin everything when everyone is finally trying to relax for a while. Let Kim do whatever she wants. She has an amazing body and wants to show it off. Whats the big deal? Khloe is always making an excuse to get into disagreements. Sure Rob is going through stuff, but its all his fault. He has been down that road before. Kim is right to lash out at Khloe. Finally someone said something to her.

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