Rupert Sanders' Ex-Wife Finally Gets Even for His Fling With Kristen Stewart

Liberty Ross, Rupert SandersThat was one heck of an expensive kiss! Two years after after photos were published of her husband Rupert Sanders making out with Kristen Stewart, Liberty Ross can finally get some closure. Her divorce was finalized in Los Angeles on Friday, and this lady definitely got what she deserved after her husband wreaked havoc on their marriage.

It was bad enough that KStew cheated on Robert Pattinson and destroyed their relationship, but it's extra devastating to cheat on someone whom you're married to -- and bonus points of awfulness if you have kids. But it looks like Sanders may have had a somewhat repentant heart, because Ross definitely got the better end of the deal in the settlement.

According to reports obtained by TMZ, the 35-year-old British model kept three of the couple's four homes, including their Hollywood Hills abode and both London properties. She'll also get $25,000 a month in spousal support until 2018 or her remarriage, and $14,000 a month in child support for daughter Skyla and son Tennyson. Custody will be shared.

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She also gets half the bank account, half his retirement account, half his credit card reward points, and half Sanders' continued revenue for Snow White And The Huntsman, the film in which Rupert and Kristen Stewart met, and Ross ironically played the younger star's mother.

And finally, she'll also get eight percent of her ex's gross income exceeding $1,697,650 annually (£1 million).

Sanders, 43, kept their Malibu home, a 1970s Volkwagon van, and a 2002 Nissan Pathfinder.

After 11 years of marriage, it's likely that the cheating scandal wasn't what ultimately broke up this Hollywood power couple -- it sounds like there was a lot more going on behind the scenes. But dang ... he should have handled it privately and not been out kissing girls half his age in public.

Nothing can ever make up for the breakdown of her marriage, but at least Liberty Ross won't have to recover in poverty.

Do you think Rupert Sanders got what he deserved for cheating on his wife with Kristen Stewart?


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nonmember avatar No Name!

no, she don't! no one know that rupert and kristen has been hooking up for in the past. i'm sure that his ex wife will not judge of kstew. but she was pissed off her ex husband was obsessed with Kris. but if Rupert willing hooking up with Kristen again then it's will happen soon! Everyone will shocking sbout news!!


I think that was overkill,especially the 8% part ;annually. Is that forever? Where does it stop? She isnt the first woman to be cheated on nor will she be the last. I don't condone what he did but, it isn't like they were married 30 years or something.

Linda Olson

  she should have gotten more  !!!!!!!

nonmember avatar sound

Kristen Stewart, her name enters into the history of the 21st century. She´s is the most bullying woman on e website. Nothing scary similar I have not seen since the death of Diana. Stewart is one of the most talented young artist on the Hollywood scene.
Persecution papzz is 24/7, their non-verbal and verbal attacks on her friends and family already crossed the border and should be stopped immediately.
Further followed verbal attacks the media and people's behavior is inexcusable and should be Punishable as cyberbullying is everywhere in civilized society.

luvmy... luvmybubs

Uh sound, are you really comparing kstew to Princess Diana??? Hardly similar and any negative press is a result of her own bad choices. Why can't people be held accountable when wrong? If you really think there is cyberbulling going on maybe you should call your local police dept on every author who wrote, blogged or spoke I'll of kstew. Toy could even start a kstew trash talking filled prison. That is exactly where our tax money should be focused.

Lauren Armstrong

Kristen was bullied too much, she was a kid in my opinion and she only cheated on her boyfriend there were no vows here all fault really lays on Sanders since he made vows to his wife! also when Hollywood men cheat on their wife's who they made commitments to all that happens is everyone leaves them alone but Kristen cheats on her boyfriend and the whole freaken sky started falling give Kristen a freaken break she is an amazing talented young woman who MADE A FREAKEN MISTAKE! who doesn't screw up from time to time it’s not like Kristen was married ok so LEAVE HER ALONE this article wasn't even about her so stop bullying her! it happen a few years ago let’s just drop it and MOVE ON!

Lauren Armstrong

2nd: She messed up but she apologized & at least she wasn't cheating on a spouse. Kristen is the most talented strong woman out there because she held her head up high while the world bullied and ridiculed her & for her strength through all the crap she received I hold the utter most respect for her, Kristen is young & she screwed up & who doesn't make stupid mistakes from time to time so let’s just leave her alone it happened in the past we should all move on they have. If it hadn't been Kristen he cheated with it would have been someone else so just leave Kirsten alone, now I'm done I wasn't going to say anything until I saw the comments above my own.

Samal... Samalama319

Kristen Stewart is not that talented. She expresses almost no emotion whatsoever when she's acting and she constantly looks bored. Plus, she isn't a kid. She's a grown woman and should be held accountable for her actions, whether she was married or not. I think the divorce deal was complete overkill. Seriously? He is paying more in spousal support than child support? And what the hell is spousal support? They're divorced. I never understood that. Get off your ass and get a job instead of making your ex take care of you.

IKnow... IKnow0101

I'm sorry she had her feelings hurt with the cheating but I feel it's terrible when one spouse regardless if its a man or woman who is capable of working to be paid so much money in spousal support.  If the person was a stay at home mom or dad and that was a group decision I understand maybe paying a lump sum or spousal support for maybe 4 years until that person is able to find a job or maybe go to school. But to get lifetime earnings on future projects is an overkill.  They should have sold all houses and split the profits.  The only difference should be if a couple has been married for 20 years plus and need to split pension plans.

Thoma... Thomas_11

If you cheat then you get what you deserve. He will probably think long and hard before cheating on another spouse especially one he has kids with. It's cheaper to keep her.

She got a lot but I would probably try to take him to the cleaners to. She must have an insanely good lawyer or a prenup because that is overkill. Half of everything plus spousal support for 4 years and royalties is ridiculous. Good for her. Cheatets should pay.

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