Kate Gosselin's Request That Nannies 'Eavesdrop' on Phone Calls With Jon Is Nuts

kate gosselinNote to Kate Gosselin: You might not want to hire any "help" ever again, because anyone who's ever worked for you seems to eventually rat you out to the media. A former unnamed nanny of Kate Gosselin's has gone public with, yes, tales of what it's like to work for Kate -- and from the woman's description, it doesn't sound very fun. According to the nanny, Kate had instructed her to "be Kate" when she wasn't around -- and that included eavesdropping on phone conversations her ex-husband John had with their kids.

"We always had to keep an ear and eye on what was going on. Kate would say she had no problem with the kids having a relationship with Jon, but it always felt like a façade to me," the former employee said. The nanny also claims that Kate was very particular about certain things in her home, and never wanted anything on the floor and vacuuming could only occur during certain periods of the day. Also, Kate's day "ended" at 9 p.m., regardless of what was happening. "Even if I was halfway through dishes, at 9 p.m. you had to stop," the nanny recalls. "She told me her day ended at 9 p.m, no matter what was going on."

Sadly, though, it wasn't the eavesdropping or cleaning that made the nanny ultimately leave. According to the woman, it was when she witnessed Kate spanking her son Colin with a plastic spoon in front of the others that she felt it was time to look for a different job. Awful. At this point, we've all heard stories about Kate supposedly spanking her children -- in fact, it's getting a little hard not to believe, what with so many people saying it -- but it's difficult not to hold on to the small hope that the stories aren't true.

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As far as the eavesdropping claims go, can't exactly say it's a shock. If there's ever been a hateful, acrimonious divorce, it's Jon and Kate's. But it's certainly a bold and awkward move of Kate to ask an employee to listen in on phone calls her kids had with her ex. Also, a wee bit overboard. They were talking on the phone -- what could have possibly been happening?

Do you believe these allegations about Kate?


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Jeana... JeanaJaybird

Well I must be a bat too because I like clean floors and I don't allow my husband, kids, step kids, or myself to vacuum just whenever -- never when the baby (or someone else) is sleeping, never when I have a migraine or one of the kids has a headache, never after my neighbors lights go off. If I felt like my son's calls with his father needed to be monitored, I would. We actually do occasionally monitor my stepchildren's calls with their mother from time to time because of the inappropriate stuff that she has told the kids or even to make sure she isn't so messed up that she is slurring her speech and making them uncomfortable. .. You know, I find it really really ironic that Kate was good enough to write for Cafe mom and now you act like that never happened and use her for gossip at your own expense .. odd

nonmember avatar Donna

This woman is so self absorbed in herself, she can't see beyond trying to make people believe she is the Mother of the year after all the negativity about her and her body guard and the way she acts, she is just disgusting.

Debbie Homesley

Jeana, you seem to be so proud to align yourself up with Kate's behaviour....Do you beat your kids the way your "role model" does, too?

LuciB... LuciBlue12

Bitch was paid to talk about what she saw in Kate's house.How the fuck can you believe anything a paid snitch says? Here's an idea...wait for it...MIND YOUR OWN FUCKING BUSINESS! If I was the celeb you fuckers were hounding...and that goes for the "author" of this piece of shit article...I would punch your nosey ass in the fucking face. And for you dumb asses all up in arms about her supposedly spanking HER son with a plastic fucking spoon...ARE YOU KIDDING ME YOU JUDGMENTAL FUCKERS? REALLY?!? You are fucking stupid. All of you. Fucking idiots.

nonmember avatar geegee

People are always going to come out & talk shit about Kate. Why? Because that's what sells Leave Kate alone & let her raise her children as only she knows best.

4cadi... 4cadillac


passionate about the article I see.Smh & lol.

nonmember avatar Linda

She is beyond clean. I saw some of her shows and she would make anybody a nervous wreck with her orders and OCD. She got rid of those poor kids dogs because she couldn't stand them getting hair and dirt in her perfect house. I also saw enough to see that she treated her husband like crap and anyone else that she could boss around. There isn't enough money in the world that I would work for that witch. I don't have a problem with her spanking her child because those kids were horrible especially one of the boys and that oldest teen. Every episode they had a meltdown. She try to pretend like she was broke when Jon and her got a divorce but not too broke to keep their million dollar property or all the help she had. My mother had 7 kids and my aunt had 9 and none of them had help and they had a lot more work to do back then without the modern conveniences than that witch has ever done. She needs to go away and leave those kids out of the spotlight. It is hard enough being a kids without the world watching you on tv and making fun of your crazy mother.

nonmember avatar Amber

Luciblue... i fricken love you!!! You write exactly what I was thinking!! Judgemental assholes. I'm sure that you all have NEVER spanked your child right? I will be the first to say I SPANK both my daugher and son when they need it. Yall are so worried bout this lady life...worry bout your own. I'm pretty sure not one of you shit talking people are perfect... DONT THROW STONES IF YOU LIVE IN A GLASS HOUSE... and the person who wrote this article...your an idiot.

Jeana... JeanaJaybird

Excuse me, Debbie .. my "role model".. what in the heck made you elude to that? I have never not one time watched this broad's television shows .. I was simply stating an opinion, backed up with examples, that I based after reading THIS article. And hell yes I would whoop my kids with a spoon if the situation warranted it, thank you.

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