3-Year-Old Defies Gravity, Scares Mom When She Does 360 On Fair Ride (VIDEO)


spinning tunnel rideWe all have our favorite rides at the fair, along with the rides we stay far away from. For me, that spinning teacup ride makes me sick just thinking about it. There are also the people who have no fear. Daredevils. But no one expected a 3-year-old to be a daredevil -- a daredevil that magically defies gravity. 

One mom was taking video of her 3-year-old daughter contemplating going into one of those spinning tunnel rides commonly found in the funhouse. She goes in, sits down, and ends up going completely upside down.

Stay with the video. The mom goes off focus for a second, but returns just in time to see her daughter upside down.

What the heck did this kid eat? Marshmallows? Peanut butter? Cotton candy? Were her hands that sticky causing her to have Spider Man like qualities allowing her little body to go almost all the way around, totally upside down?

I'm baffled. Shocked. Laughing. And thinking I'm NEVER letting my kids go in one of those spinning tunnel rides ever.

Okay, they can go on the ride. This kid ends up yelling "I like that, Mommy!" But I'm still never going on the spinning teacups.

How do you think this happened? What would you do if this was your kid?


Image via Hey Paul Studios/Flickr



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Robin Hartman

oh my gosh, that was too funny and strange. that's a strong kid to hold on like that.

Jeana... JeanaJaybird

Hahaha I loved it, too cute. That little girl resembles the little girl in Monsters Inc. I agree with Robin, clearly you see the little girl holding on and she is very strong for being able to do that, probably comes with the littleness lol!

mem82 mem82

I didn't really find it funny. Why didn't the mom put down that camera? Even when the kid fell, she just kept recording. Smh

kels4922 kels4922

She was going to be fine lighten up

Gamer... Gamer_mom1

stfu mem you don't have to pick at other moms so you can feel like a better one.


Everyone knows that when stuff like that happens people go into a temporary "shock" where they freeze and don't know what to do. The whole thing was so fast that she was in shock while the girl was up and then saw that she was coming down fine and the little fall was obviously nothing that hurt her. You must be a helicopter mom that runs to your kids every time they trip or stumble.

TellM... TellMeBoutIt

Awesome! I wonder why she moved the camera though... LOL My DD would have gotten up and done it again!

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