'Walking Dead' Season 5 Trailer Is Even More Exciting Than We'd Hoped (VIDEO)

Walking Dead season 5 trailerFor those of us who didn't make it to Comic-Con last week, here's what we missed: a lot of superhero movie updates, the first peek at the Mockingjay trailer, some righteous Game of Thrones bloopers, a whole mess of people in cosplay, and -- drumroll, please -- the long-awaited trailer for season 5 of The Walking Dead.

One of these years I'm going to make the nerd pilgrimage to see all this awesome stuff firsthand, but for now I can take solace in the fact that the Walking Dead trailer's readily available online -- and you guys, it is FANTASTIC. It's over 3 glorious minutes of the bloody action to come, and the premiere -- which, by the way, has an official date now -- canNOT come soon enough.

(Season 4 spoilers ahead!)

So, last we saw the majority of our survivors, they were holed up in the traincar at Terminus. The trailer seems to pick up right where we left off, since we even get an instant-replay of Rick's steely-jawed line about how Terminus is screwing with the wrong people, by golly.

But what happens next is a little unexpected. Terminus citizens seem to storm the train car, wearing gas masks, then pull everyone out and put them in restraints. Gareth claims he doesn't want to hurt anyone, but … well, take a look:

So many questions!

• Is Gareth truly convinced that going to Washington is the right move? Or is he as he seems, which is a shifty S.O.B. who absolutely can't be trusted?

• What's up with that body on the table, that someone appears to be chainsawing open?

• Has Carol arrived (possibly with Rick's buried weapons stash), since it appears Rick's holding Judith in multiple scenes?

• Is Father Gabriel's church going to be a major part of the premiere episode?


• What the shit is happening to Glenn here is it a scene reminiscent of the comic's storyline with Negan because OMG NOOOOOOOOOO.

• Has my crush on Daryl abated somewhat in favor of Rick? I do believe it has.

• Father Gabriel, I presume? Feeling a bit GUILTY, perhaps?

• And hey, BETH! Who the heck's got her stashed as "(a presumably expendable) part of a system"?

• Finally, what's THIS all about? Amputation to save someone from a bite? Or ummm ... cannibal snack?

The action moves so quickly in this trailer you'll have to do a lot of pausing to see all the rapid-fire scenes, but even without having even begun the likely impossible task of putting the pieces together, color me INTRIGUED. And as one last bit of useful news, The Walking Dead's season five date is officially a go! Mark your calendars (and set your DVRs) for Sunday, October 12th at 9 PM ET/PT.

What do you think of the trailer, zombie fans?

Image via AMC



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Lando... Landon2012

I think it will be a pretty good season by the looks of the trailer I only hope rick/Daryl are not killed.

nonmember avatar Karla

I'm so excited!! The Stir really needs to send Linda to ComicCon next time, I would be interested to see her cover the experience. Love your posts Linda you're my favorite.

Linda Sharps

I agree that would be a FANTASTIC idea for The Stir! Signed, a totally objective person who is absolutely not Linda Sharps. *cough*

Jennifer Lynn Leible

Loved it. Can't wait. That was so much to take in all at once!

nonmember avatar andie

@Karla, I totally agree! Linda is my favorite Stir writer, too, and she is AWESOME at covering The Walking Dead. Stir, please send her to ComicCon next year! I can't wait for this season of TWD to start.

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