Jenelle Evans Is Already Planning Baby #3!

Jenelle Evans

Baby Kaiser is not even a month old yet -- but would you believe Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith want another baby ... already?!?

Yep. Apparently they dig being parents so much that baby number three is most definitely in the cards -- or at least that's what Jenelle told MTV.

They have the whole thing all planned out. Even though they're over-the-moon with their new little son, it sounds as though they're hoping for a change once Jenelle turns up preggo again.

Aww. They're hoping for a baby girl. I guess we really can't blame them, especially in Jenelle's case. I mean, what mom doesn't dream of having her very own mini-me at some point in her life?

But what a relief that Jenelle is going back on birth control for a while instead of trying to pop out another little one right away!

Sheesh. Having one baby around is tough enough without doing double duty, so it's probably best for Jenelle and Nathan to give it a couple years before giving Jace and Kaiser a sibling. I know adjusting to being a mom of two has been pretty easy for her and all, but the first year of a baby's life brings plenty of ups and downs. She's bound to run out of steam at some point.

She and Nathan have plenty of time to expand their family, so they might as well sit back, relax, and enjoy her being on birth control for the time being. Baby number three will come along when she (or he) is good and ready!

Do you think it's too early for Jenelle to be thinking about another baby?


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nonmember avatar Jessie

Do you not read your own articles? Why ask what we think about her planning for another baby when the article and Jenelle state that there will not be another baby any time soon? Find something better to write about or maybe, stop writing these bogus articles all together!

alish... alishaschmitt33

I Think Its To Soon For Jenelle And Nathen To Be Planning Baby #3 When The Baby They Have Isnt Older Yet.

nonmember avatar Michelle

Don't they technically already have three? With Nathan's daughter?

Dana Whikehart-Glatt

She's not planning another baby. She's planning to prevent one for now. Why do you people talk such shit in your articles?

nonmember avatar jamie

I.think.she has changed alot and has become more mature. But.i.think she should.try.getting jace back in her . custody and handling tuat situation. Before having another baby

sarah... sarahbell811

Where do you gather her planning another baby? Lol. She said she's getting on birth control and not planning another baby. This article is stupid.

Maureen Keyser

She wants a mini me? Oh Christ. That's a scary thought.

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