Khloe Kardashian Fuels Pregnancy Rumors With Suspicious New Photo

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Khloe Kardashian

From now on we should probably just refer to her as the incredible shrinking woman -- because Khloe Kardashian's hot new photo most definitely proves she's in the best shape of her life.

She's worn crop tops in the past and all, but something about her outfit in this new photo makes her look even more slim and trim ... although the way she's posed in the pic is enough to raise more than a few eyebrows.

Check it out.

I know -- she's seriously the thinnest she's EVER been. But what's up with the way she has her hand over her belly? Is that simply the way she was standing to steady herself because she's on uneven turf -- or is she trying to tell us something?

Pregnancy rumors surrounding Khloe have popped up again recently. Now that we know Khloe and French Montana's sex life is definitely happening, it wouldn't be a huge shocker if she winds up having his baby.

But considering this month is Ramadan and French is fasting from sex, she'd technically have to be a couple months preggo in this pic for it to make sense -- and her belly looks pretty flat to me. It's really anyone's guess as to why she happens to be standing like that, but the way she's kind of cradling her mid-section is enough to pique our curiosity for sure.

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Oh come on you guys, what else could the hand thing mean? Perhaps she's simply proud of how much she's slimmed down over the past year and wants to show off the results of her hard work -- but let's not rule out her becoming a mom in the near future just yet!

Do you think Khloe could be pregnant?


Image via Santi/Splash News



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Katie Conklin

you're clearly DUMB!! she has her hand on her side, NOT her stomach, and women hold their stomach all the time whether pregnant or not!!! i do all the time and im nowhere near pregnant!!!! MORONS!!!!

nonmember avatar danielle

Oh just shut up she has has the worst year and now shes has a new man who treats her right makes her happy and gives her all the confidence in the world she is over due for a little happiness. You go Khloe #Khlo-Tanna

Mommy... Mommynwife26

Just cause she is with a new guy doesn't mean her infertility issues just disappear and they have only been dating a few months, she isn't even divorced yet and she finally is in the best shape of her life. I highly doubt she is gonna be pregnant any time soon!!! And the way she standing pregnant even crossed my mind.

nonmember avatar MuslimMommy

I hope khloe is pregnant she deserves to be happy and has always wanted children. With that being said you said Muslims restrain from sex during ramadan, that is wrong. We refrain from eating, drinking, sex, and anything like that from sunrise to sunset, not all the time. In fact I have known many women to get pregnant while observing ramadan. And also in Islam sex before marriage is a big no no so his fasting would not be accepted. French Montana doesn't strike me as a religious type anyways lol. But for khloes sake I hope she is pregnant she would make a wonderful mother!

grnsm... grnsmomma

I think she is standing like that and posted THAT picture to HER Instagram to make people talk about her. I like Khloe but they are all gossip whores. And I totally agree with above poster and think it every time I read something like this, her years of fertility issues didn't suddenly disappear because she is with some new man..who already has a child he doesn't take care of. Class act, all of them.

nonmember avatar teamkhloe

I really doubt she is pregnant at this time. Maybe she was just posing seeing how she is snapping a picture , that might be the most logical answer. Some of these articles are pointless and don't need to be released. Amateurs and idiots. Also completely sick of hearing about these fame whore. Kourtney I believe is the only kardashian that does not out everything in her lifenout there. Also for everyone who comments saying they are sick of commenting about this family, hitting the submit button is optional, I'm guessing you are just trying to become one of the I need attention club!

simranz simranz

I agree with u muslim mummy.Am yet to meet a celeb who is a muslim.

Bonnie Cobb

No, just gain back alittle


Kehrin Kehrin

@ Katie Conklin...She CLEARLY has her hand on her stomach! But that doesn't mean that she is hinting that she is pregnant. These people love to get others talking about them. My feeling is that she placed her hand there to get the chatter going, for people to speculate and to remain in the limelight.

alyso... alyson617

I hope she prego. She will rock as a mom

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