'It's All Relative' Recap: Leah Remini's Non-Intervention for Her Nanny Is Hilarious

leah remini it's all relative Leah Remini's show It's All Relative keeps getting funnier -- because Leah makes it her business to surround herself with hilarious people. Let this be a lesson to us all. This week she and her daughter's nanny Trish were running errands. If you or I were doing this, it would be totally ho-hum. But because of the personalities involved here, it was a hilarious delight. Whyfore? Because Trish is a total hoarder and Leah caught her in the act. Bling THAT, Trish! 

This episode could have become a "very special episode" so easily. The look on Leah's face when she saw the mountains and mountains of stuff blocking Trish's house was priceless. I seriously thought she was just moments away from dialing up the folks at Intervention or Hoarders to see if they could get Trish some help. Luckily, she addressed the situation in the least conflict-inducing way possible: With comedy. 


Rather than approach the situation with gravitas, Leah went another route. She cloaked herself in odd objects that she found in Trish's house. By the end of their visit, she was clutching a rhinestone-studded rooster, wearing a boa around her head and making her mom Vicki and Trish dance along to a singing mechanical wolf-head. This is not me taking something out of context and sharing it to make you chortle. This is what actually happened and it was great. 

Levity aside for a minute (*Becca floats gently back down to the floor*), I like that Leah isn't one of those bosses who pokes her nose into her employees' lives. I've always looked askance at Hollywood types who run their assistants ragged AND expect to be made privy to every detail of their private lives. Leah has her opinions about Trish's endeavors, but she knows it isn't her place to tell her what to do. Instead, she focuses on what they have in common: A shared love of laughter and booty shaking.

Have you ever had a boss who wouldn't get out of your personal life?


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