Jennie Garth Shares Tori Spelling's Sad Reaction to That 'Train Wreck' Comment

Jennie Garth, Tori SpellingIt's almost like a scene straight out of Beverly Hills, 90210! We've all been watching with rapt attention Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott's reality show True Tori, in which the stars confront their marital woes on camera, including that whole cheating scandal thing. Well, Spelling's former 90210 co-star Ian Ziering hadn't been watching, but that didn't stop him from mocking the whole thing as a "train wreck."

Now Tori's Mystery Girls co-star and long-time friend Jennie Garth has revealed how she really felt when she heard Ian's negative comments. The 42-year-old actress stopped by HuffPost Live on Thursday to promote their new show, but also took some time to talk about how hurt Tori was by Ziering's criticism.

"On one hand, he does love Tori in the way we all love each other and the bond that we all share. It was a little harsh -- just the words 'How do you not watch a train wreck?'" Garth dished.

She continued, "I know that that really hurt Tori -- because people can take that in a very wrong way. But her reality show wasn't for everyone ... and for me, it was hard to watch just because I love her so much. It was so hard for me to see that kind of position she was in."

Ziering, 50, made the awful comment back in May on another HuffPost Live segment. He said at the time, "It's tough and I love Tori. I sent her an email that I don't know what's going on but that I feel for her. Tori's a smart girl ... I don't pity her. She knows what she's doing. Most of us have all been in relationships and you go through all the ups and downs. Hers just happens to be televised."

Also, because apparently he can't keep his mouth shut about his friend's decision to air her marital woes, he told Billy Bush on Access Hollywood last month, "I've seen clips ... it's not appointment television for me ... I'm just a witness and a bystander, like we all are. It's like, why is this even happening? It just seems as [if] there is nothing sacred."

Of course it hurt Tori! Here's this guy, and supposedly he's her friend, but he's going out and making derogatory comments about her show that he hasn't even watched? That's not a very nice thing to do. Sure, he has every right to think Tori's making a bad decision, but if he really thinks she needs to hear that, he should do it privately, to her face -- or keep his mouth shut.

Do you think Ian Ziering was too harsh with this comments about Tori Spelling's show?


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loves... lovesouldoula

I am willing to bet that he didn't just come out and bring it up on his own. He was probably asked by the interviewer what his opinion was on te subject and he have his honest opinion. Why is it that someone(Tori) feels like she can televise something so personal(her marriage unraveling) and them expect her friends opinion to be kept "private"? She is asking for him to do something that she couldn't even do for herself or for her family, and that's unfair to ask of a friend. She put herself in the spotlight, she shouldn't blame him for that.

SoJaided SoJaided

It is a freaking train wreck. I've only seen clips and read articles about it on here, but how dare them put all their business out like that. What about their poor kids? Those kids are gonna be messed up and mercilessly mocked thanks to their douche bag money hungry parents who can't keep their problems out of the public eye.

ashle... ashleywagoner

Ian Ziering is 50?!?!!!!

Of course it is a train wreck


Jenny this isn't about you!Ian is right,she knows what she's doing,this woman grew up in the business. Anyone smarter than a bag of hair would know if you put your shit out there people are going to talk and if they are your friend,they are going to wonder what the fuck is wrong with you, for making something so private so damn public. They don't say the truth hurts for nothin. It is a train wreck.

Charl... Charlyla2

She televised it. It's open for opinion. Don't get all butthurt if you can't take what someone is saying about the crap you are airing in public for EVERYONE to see! That is dumb. I have no sympathy for any of these people. There are actually celebs out there who are capable of keeping their private lives private. Tori Spelling CHOOSES to shove her "pathetic" life down our throats. I don't even watch her crappy show and I know too much.

nonmember avatar Rhon

Jennie, your friend is a ME, ME, ME person. She's a professional victim who is shameless. Her untruths about having no nannies, no money, etc. are over the top. This woman wouldn't know what real life is like if her life depended on it. What the heck has she ever done that hasn't been about her? Sadly there appears to be nothing she wouldn't do to have her face and name in print. Her only reason she says is so she can get her story out and find her voice????? HUH?!?!

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