Jenelle Evans Does Something Very Surprising While Baby Kaiser Sleeps

Jenelle EvansJenelle Evans is certainly having a much different experience with a newborn this time around. As we saw with her firstborn son Jace on MTV's 16 and Pregnant and then Teen Mom 2, the former wild child didn't exactly take motherhood seriously, let alone housework or even her life.

Almost five years later, Jenelle and her boyfriend Nathan Griffith welcomed baby Kaiser, and this time she has her crap together. Every mom of a newborn knows you're supposed to rest when the baby sleeps, but Jenelle is using Kai's nap time to do something very unlike her -- chores.

Whoa, Jenelley! Does anyone else think she is trying to make up for lost time or something?

Not only is the rock star mama keeping up with her newborn, she's also gone back to school, opting not to take a semester off to recover from having a baby, or to deal with the sleepless nights, or, you know, the normal newborn stuff that makes the first few months of baby's life a kind of hazy memory for most parents.

Plus, she's basically already lost all the baby weight and looks freaking fantastic.

Jenelle should give herself a little pat on the back and take a little break while Kai naps -- she's totally earned it.

Do you think Jenelle is going to burn herself out if she keeps this up?


Image via Jenelle Evans/Instagram

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Paike... Paikea1974

sorry but l lost my faith in's always the same drama with her....another boyfriend...another drugcharge....another charges being dropped (why???)....another crying Jenelle talking on the phone that ' l am all alone, l have no one'....but you NEVER hear anyone mentioning her Bipolar Disorder that she had been diagnosed with.

Doesn't she get any help with that? With therapie or something?

ln my oppinion it's a very serious mental disorder and all we see is Jenelle spiraling downwards



nonmember avatar Erna

Ok this is by far the stupidest blog you've written. if her baby is sleeping its only normal to clean and do housework. Shes actually gotten her life together and being a wife. Would nathan like to come home to a dirty house? No! Obviously shes got her shit fifyred out. Stop with these posts already. No one cares, cause shes obviously doing the right thing. Shes not taking marijuana while kaiser is sleeping. Shes grown up now. Put that in your blog you idiot!

nonmember avatar Gina

I just don't understand why I am supposed to be impressed by her acting like an adult. Instead of getting her shit together for the baby she already had, she got pregnant, had an abortion, then intentionally got pregnant again immediately afterwards. She needs some serious help and I hope that baby #2 doesn't eventually end up being taken care of by her mom like poor jace.

nonmember avatar jessica

Erna... You can't take marijuana..... And she was on a reality show... Prob was all an act for money and ratings never watched ythat crap anyways All just very stupid drama

nonmember avatar christine

Wow! Let's praise her for what she should be doing .she is still a piece of trash in my opinion.

frogg... froggiebaby2010

Well damn...while my kid was napping today I folded and put away 4 loads of laundry...washed and dried another 2 loads plus washed dried and put away 2 loads of dishes and picked up and vaccumed the entire house ... and during the week I work full time then come home clean the whole house again and make dinner theb clean all the messes my toddler and husband created while I cooked...then make lunches for everyone and get everytging ready for the next day....I'm not doing anything extraordinary, just fulfilling my duties as a wife abd mother.... why not write articles on something the world actually cares about instead of on some immature reality star who is JUST starting to scratch the surface of things she should have been doing with her first kid

Paige Mangum

[insert generic crappy comment about attention seeking brat]

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