Jill Duggar Over-Shares Awkward Instagram Photo of 'Lawn Crew' (LOOK)

Jill DuggarWe have been loving us some Jill Dillard (née Duggar) Instagram snaps lately, and boy oh boy have there been a lot of them. From her honeymoon pictures with her new husband Derick Dillard to the Fourth of July to their super intimate hair-cutting session, this newlywed has been going a little photo crazy on the social media site.

To the point where it might be getting a little bit awkward ... The 19 Kids & Counting star recently posted a selfie that some might consider to be over-sharing just a teeny bit. The blue-eyed beauty smiled into the camera, surrounded by three young men, and captioned it, "The lawn crew that came to mow our yard! Thanks guys! @jonathanehari #19kidsandcouting @jillmdillard."

Well OK then. After a little bit of digging on the Internet, it looks as though Jonathan Hatono, a friend who Jana and John-David met on their 2010 mission trip to Southeast Asia, and those two other kids definitely look like they have Duggar DNA, but it's still sort of weird, right?

My guess is that Jill is just bursting at the seams with happiness over her new marriage, and you know what it's like when you're just dang happy with your life. You want to shout your joy from the rooftops! Or, you know, from Instagram.

Do you think Jill Dillard is over-sharing on social media?


Image via Jill Dillard/Instagram



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nonmember avatar rose

I see no issue. Just a picture. A whole article about a picture. A boring uneventful picture.

nonmember avatar NW

How is this oversharing, or awkward? The Stir is more awkward than anything regarding this photo. Your friend and little brothers come by to help mow your lawn. Jill probably made them food and supervised. I've mowed families yards...it's just a way to help out. It's probably still an adjustment for the siblings to not be living together, too.

Angela Taylor Watts

She is probably enjoying a wonderful sense of freedom. I over share because I am away from friends and family. It is all good!

nonmember avatar Meghan

Over sharing and awkward? Jenny, you do realize that your articles are starting to become more and more nonsensical and ridiculous every day, right?

youth... youthfulsoul

Two are her siblings, so what's the big deal? Over sharing? I think not.

nonmember avatar Yaz

Ok so I read this without reading who wrote it. My mistake, within seconds I knew it was the over scandalous making up nonsense out of innocent stuff b$&*#.

To the stir if you want to keep your readers happy stop publishing her crap!!

Emma Graham

Ok. So I am no huge fan of the Duggars. But this is ridiculous. It's a cute picture. Get over it. Nothing weird about it. Not over sharing. Get a grip woman!

shyge... shygemini

The girl can post whatever she pleases. I'd rather see her Instagram photos than read your stories (or hear her mom talking about having sex while exhausted).

happy... happymama2D

Lol, I totally expected to see a pic with her and three hot & sweaty shirtless dudes.  Bummer.  

nonmember avatar Mary

Those are definately her brothers. And the other young man is a family friend that the Duggars met on a mission trip. Why would that be in anyway awkward?

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