Ben Seewald Brings Drama to the Duggars With Controversial Anti-Catholicism Rant

jessa ben seewald

Usually the most controversial thing about the Duggars is ... the fact that Jim Bob and Michelle reproduced an amazing 19 times. Of course, the family is also famous for their strong Christian values, so when one of them takes on Catholicism, you know eyebrows will be risen.

Well -- sort of one of them. Jessa Duggar's boyfriend, Ben Seewald, published a rant on Facebook criticizing Catholicism for their "deadly errors." When the responses got nasty, he deleted it.

"I have nothing against individuals who are Catholic. I know a lot of Catholics who are great people. What I DO have a problem with is the teaching that man can merit God’s favor through his own works or the works of other fallen men,” he wrote, quoting Ephesians 2:8-9.

Clearly controversial and clearly the type of press the Duggars have managed to avoid for so long! You can't help but wonder what the family thinks about Ben's rant.

Radar Online managed to get a shot of it:

ben seewald facebook post

Those who came across this post obviously had a lot to say. Radar Online was also able to record some of the responses. "I hope you will retract your statement about Catholics," one reader said. Another: "Ben is the worst. He is just the worst. This kind of 'Christian love' is one of the most sickening sentiments on the planet. It’s demeaning, it’s condescending, it’s self-aggrandizing and it turns my stomach. Not to mention he got literally everything about Catholicism wrong."

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The Duggar family is what they call "independent Baptists," and obviously Ben is a part of that or he wouldn't be "courting" Jessa. Considering how open the Duggar family is about their lifestyle, it may be a bit jarring for them to see just how aggressive Ben's posts and thoughts were. Usually the Duggars don't make the news for negative things like this -- so you've gotta wonder what they think about this turn of events.

Any time you make a proclamation along the lines of "my religion is better than yours," folks are going to respond. It's inevitable. Now that Ben's post is all over the Internet, even though he's deleted it (won't people ever learn?), it'll be interesting to see if the Duggars themselves have anything to say about the controversy. Is Ben going to be the one to bring a little drama into the Duggars' lives? Looks like we'll have to stay tuned!

Do you think Ben went too far with this Catholicism rant?


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nonmember avatar Rae

Every single time I mention that I was born and raised Catholic to some so called Christian I am always called in to defend my faith. This is the fundamental teaching of Catholicism: Jesus died for our sins on the cross and the only way to salvation is through him. There that's it. In fact, that's the main teaching in all Christian religions. Christian means followers of Christ and that is exactly what Catholics do. Like it or not we are Christians. As long as we believe in Jesus Christ why does all the other principals of Catholicism have to matter to other Christians? I for one don't agree with the teachings of the Baptists, Jehovah Witnesses, Mormons, and many other Christian religions, but in the end they follow Christ. All the other stuff is circumstance.

nonmember avatar Kimber

He's very young. This doesn't surprise me at all. Hopefully he learned his lesson about speaking out while being in the public eye.

amazz... amazzonia

before her holding a rifle, now this, I don;t care what they say I can't imagine a family more far from god love and jesus  teachings

amazz... amazzonia

and Rae actually catholics are the "original" christians, all these other ramifications of christianity came much much after especially the ones born in the us

LeeshaE LeeshaE

Maybe its because I am atheist but I don't get why religious folks bash each other. The very definition of religion is "belief" a belief is different than a fact because you are taking a leap of faith (another word religious folk aught to be familiar with). It is accepting that you do not know there to be god as you know 2 + 2 = 4. You accept it as fact because of that leap of faith. To me it is silly to argue about something neither party can support with physical evidence. Its like arguing which is better red or blue. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and beliefs, you'd think a believer would believe that.

Sarah Keys

I don't see anything wrong with what he said...if he had said "all Catholics are idiots/child molestors/etc!!!!!" I could understand everyone getting their panties in a twist, but he basically said he didn't agree, and why.

nonmember avatar invernessity

Radar's report was incomplete. Ben actually posted these comments in an attempt to appease Catholics and others who he had already offended. He posted about Catholics a total of three times to his Facebook page. In his first post, he stated that Catholics and others who practice Voodoo are persecuting Christians in Honduras and making it very difficult for them to gather and worship together. He received an immediate backlash from many who told him that Catholics are Christians, and from some who protested his implication that Catholics associate with Voodoo. In response, Ben posted a statement saying that the Catholics who are persecuting the Honduran Christians are not sanctioned by the Roman Catholic Church, and he said that he does not think that the Pope would condone what these Catholics are doing. When he continued to be criticized, he attempted to deflect the negativity by posting the above. But he only created more backlash, so he then deleted all three posts. Starcasm has reported his first post. The blog WtfFundiesFamilies has captured screenshots of all three posts as has the Facebook account The Duggar Family: Life is not all pickles and hairspray.

Mary Frances Feord

I find what Ben said in his first post very objectionable. I also object to his statements in this post, printed above, because what he has said is Catholic teaching is NOT Catholic teaching. Catholics do not hold the beliefs that he claims are "in deadly error."

nonmember avatar Andy

Benny Boy ain't the brighest bulb on the tree.. Too many members of the Duggar family have political aspirations to let this malarkey slide. Buh-bye, Bozo Benny.

Benjamin Holmes

Benny, the Catholic Church existed long before your brand of non-denominational Protestant anarchy. And it will exist long after that branch withers away. God bless you friend. Hope you find the true and complete faith of Christ.

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