Jenny McCarthy Bans Melissa McCarthy From Wedding for Rude Comment

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Random fact alert: Did you know that Jenny McCarthy and Melissa McCarthy are related? Me neither! The two celebs are cousins and, apparently, at one point, were incredibly close with one another. As the story goes, Jenny tried to help Melissa break into the biz by getting her a gig as a production assistant on a short-lived talk show of hers years ago. (Nice, right?) But things got weird when Jenny allegedly told her cousin that if she wanted to make it in Hollywood, she'd have to lose some weight.

Understandably, Jenny's rude and insensitive remark rubbed Melissa the wrong way, and the women began to grow apart. According to some, it was that comment that made Melissa more determined than ever to make it as is as opposed to conforming to Hollywood's unrealistic size 0 standards. And by the time her career blew up with Bridesmaids and Mike and Molly, the formerly close cousins had virtually zero contact. And the girls still aren't speaking. In fact, Jenny has banned Melissa from her upcoming wedding to Donnie Wahlberg. (Or, you know, just not invited her.)

Melissa was on Howard Stern's show recently and confirmed the news to be true, saying that she and Jenny live in "opposite worlds." Kind sounds like Melissa still feels some animosity toward Jenny for her ignorant comment; according to some, Jenny feels the same way about Melissa -- she supposedly thinks that Melissa is ungrateful to her for all the help she provided her with years ago.

It's doubtful we'll ever get the complete story here, but it's totally understandable why Melissa would take issue with Jenny for telling her to lose weight. Perhaps Jenny was just trying to be helpful, but put yourself in Melissa's shoes: How would you feel if someone you were close with said that to you? There's a fine line between tough love and being flat-out rude. 

Ultimately, Melissa and her wildly successful career got the last laugh. But, not gonna lie, makes my cold, black heart a bit sad that Hollywood drove these formerly close cousins apart. And additionally, Jenny really oughta learn the art of thinking before speaking.

Whose side are you on: Melissa's or Jenny's?


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sylph... sylph_ironlight

Wow. Extended family members don't get along and don't talk, so one doesn't invite the other to their wedding. It's her wedding, she can invite whoever she chooses. Why is this even 'news'?


Maybe Jenny is also jealous: one has talent and the other just knows how to take her clothes off

nonmember avatar Linda

Prima487 that's exactly what I was thinking. I love Melissa McCarthy. She's hilarious.

Elaine Cox

so she banned her for her own rude remark?..prima hit it..melissa is a-list..jenny just got wasted from the view

nonmember avatar Joyce

we don't have to like a relative, or for that matter even a sibling, we grow up, become just another adult to each other, and would venture both women are just fine on how it rolls. I don't like some and some don't like me. And it is just how it is in life. JMO.

Jacee... Jacee2348

@Elaine Cox - I thought the same thing - Jenny banned Melissa from the wedding for the rude remark made by Jenny herself. Ha Ha. These Stir "writers" really need to think before they spew. Anyways, if that remark really is the reason for the friction, then of course I would be on Melissa's side - Jenny really has no talent and Melissa does. I'm thinking Jenny may have been bitten by that little green bug. :D

nonmember avatar chuck

maybe melissa will be invited to the next wedding jenny has.

youth... youthfulsoul

Do people really think overweight people need you to point it out. So dumb. 

missy... missybest

Not fair to be so hard on Jenny McCarthy, depending on how she said it.  Who would not think that Melissa needed to lose weight.  I mean, I have nothing against overweight people, but if they wanted to go to Hollywood, especially how overweight Melissa is, I would guess she needed to lose weight.  That doesn't mean that Jenny told her she needed to be a toothpick, you know.

So, they both need to take responsibility for being unable to put it aside and move forward.  If Jenny helped a lot of a possible career, she certainly should be given big thank yous.  Good luck to both of them.

nonmember avatar Max

Melissa rocks!!!! Jenny who??????

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