Jenelle Evans & Baby Kaiser Take Their First Selfie Together (PHOTOS)


Jenelle Evans

It certainly took her long enough, but finally Jenelle Evans has shared a couple of personal photos of baby Kaiser. Let me tell you -- they're more than worth the wait!

Even though having a new baby typically wreaks havoc on a mom's life, Jenelle seems to have settled right into the role without any sort of adjustment period at all. It's clear that she couldn't possibly be any happier about her new addition.

Are you ready? Wait until you see not only her first photo as a family of four -- but also Kaiser's first selfie!

OMG. First of all, that baby looks exactly like Nathan Griffith. He's a total mini-me. But how about the second shot, in which he's giving us all the peace sign? Isn't it just priceless?

Aww. I'm sure Jenelle is relieved to finally be able to share her joy with the world. It seems she's more content than she's ever been in her life.

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Maybe just maybe her haters will chill out for a bit and at least give her the chance to prove she can be a good mom to not one, but two kiddos.

(Stranger things have happened, right?)

Do you think Kaiser is a cutie?


Image via j_evans8209/Instagram

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Colleen Elizabeth Wilkinson

I am so happy for Jenelle. Things are finally starting to settle for her and it is awesome. She's had quite a few bumps to overcome but she seems to want to really get things in order. 

Amy Peet

She is doing very well for herself I always knew she could she just needed the right one by her .

nonmember avatar Joni Grissett

I really could not stand this girl for a long time and saying that I still think that she should have gotten her son back 1st before having another baby but I really think she has changed for the better and maybe she will continue to stay on the right path not just for herself but for her 2 little boys...good luck and congrats on the new baby Janelle!!

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