Lamar Odom Accuses Khloe Kardashian of Committing the Most Ridiculous Crime

khloe kardashian

We only learned about it recently, thanks to an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, but a few months ago, Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom's house was burglarized. When Khloe was packing up her home, she discovered that about eight pieces of jewelry, totalling around $20,000, were stolen from a safe she and Lamar shared. The weird coincidence? It was only Lamar's jewelry that was stolen -- and now Lamar is accusing the Kardashians of being responsible for the crime.

According to Radar Online, Lamar finds it odd that the only things taken from the safe were his. A source said, "Lamar doesn’t think anyone close to him or anyone he knows could have stolen the jewelry. He believes that the theft was orchestrated by a Kardashian family friend or even a family member."

Kris, Rob, Kim, Bruce, and Kourtney all had keys to the couple's home. Does he think it could have been one of them?

Lamar hasn't come out and named names, but apparently he thinks it's weird that the Kardashians haven't pushed the issue with the cops. The investigation is evidently at a stand-still right now, and that's not sitting well with Lamar. Initially, police were looking in the direction of Lamar's camp, thinking maybe it could have been a drug dealer looking for money, but now all eyes are on the Kardashian family.

Just going to come out and say it here: This is ridiculous. Not sure if Lamar truly believes that one of the Kardashians was responsible for this, or if he's just trying to garner attention, but come on. The Kardashians are a lot of things, but they're certainly not thieves. They've got more money than god. Twenty grand is a club appearance for Khloe. I seriously don't think she's in need of money -- and if she is, I'm sure she'd look elsewhere to get it than her own safe.

Lamar, you're just being crazy now.

Do you think the Kardashians took Lamar's jewelry?


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nonmember avatar pam wilson

Lamar khole and of the family would not steal your stuff and if you would of stay at. home wife and make things workyou things would still be there but your drugs and other women were more important. you had a hell of awife khole loved you so much and you throw it a aeay so its all your fault so live with it

nonmember avatar april le9n

How in the hell would she do that to him she loved him more than anything and to acuse the family that took him in after he didnt have anything or anyone he should be ashamed. Maybe he should find out who really did it and not who he thinks. Maybe he took it for the drugs he bought and forgot about it why would they just take his stuff think about it Lamar

Nicol... NicoleMaria143

Maybe Lamar stole it for his drugs....why wouldn't all the jewelry be stolen if it was a burglar. Khloe was definitely a damn good wife who was glowing every day all she wants is a family. ...he really messed up.

laura... lauralynn

Just because they have money doesn't mean they won't steal to get back at someone who hurt a person they love

nonmember avatar cat

I think that lamar took the jewelry .. probably to pay for his drug habit and is now trying to cover it up by blaming kloe.. hes turned I to such a loser and kloe is well rid of him .. karma is gonna bite him in the ass

Nancy Callarman

I believe it was Lamar and he used the money for his drugs.He has to put the blame on someone.Khloe loved him with all her heart and he blew it.

Lindsey Newman

i dont know why they would. this is not a crime for lamar. the last time for me my openion they always have keys to anything doors closet acess to there children house. i know this is not khole fault. i would bleme her family for it. they do burge in with there own keys to steal clothes or jewelry. everyone watch keeping up with the kadashian. i do love the jenner kadashian family. i mean if they did it confess about it. if they dont that means something else.

avion avion

More money than god. I'm done with the stir!

nonmember avatar Cat

i think kris did it and it's to raise rating for the reality show which has been declining in viewers recently. I would not put anything pass them its mainly scripted.

Dolly Conroy

If it was that important to him he should have taken it with him when he moved out!!!!! Why would any of them take it, they don't need it. He is an idiot!!!!!!

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