Jenelle Evans Should Be Concerned About Nathan Griffith's Serious Drinking Problem

Jenelle Evans, Nathan GriffithHave you seen the sneak peek for tonight's brand new episode of Teen Mom 2? Because wowza is it a doozey. It was filmed when Jenelle Evans was still pregnant with baby Kaiser, and her boyfriend and baby daddy Nathan Griffith was getting ready to do a 30-day jail sentence stemming from his DUI charges.

How does one prepare for time behind bars for a DUI? By day-drinking, of course! After Nathan came home from a bar crawl, Jenelle confronted his drunken bad habits. After all, with a baby on the way, she had to be concerned about his binge-drinking habits.


Jenelle let her man know that she wasn't OK with him being so drunk. "I think that when you do drink, you binge-drink," Jenelle said. "You drink too much. When you're drunk, you make dumb decisions. You act cocky, you act like nobody can tell you anything."

Nathan of course took this calmly and rationally, decided to quit drinking on the spot, and thanked his lady love for calling him out. Heh. I'm kidding. That's not what happened at all. He was drunk, so of course he got all rage-y and defensive and accused Jenelle of calling him an alcoholic.

We're hoping that our favorite former MMA fighter did indeed get his crap together since this episode was filmed and has laid off the bottle. Now that they have a newborn to take care of full time, it's time to put bad habits aside. It's hard enough dealing with a baby without having to do it with a hangover.

All signs point to yes, as Nathan took to Twitter Tuesday to express his regret over how he acted.

Everyone messes up, but it looks like Nathan is really owning up to his past mistakes and doing his best to keep from repeating them. Nathan and Jenelle can't change their past, but they can decide how they want to live their present and be the best parents possible for Kaiser.

Do you think Nathan has given up on getting drunk?


Image via Jenelle Evans/Instagram

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