Kate Middleton Pregnant With a Baby Girl Is Almost Too Good to Be True

Kate Middleton

Well? According to the latest royal baby mania rumor, Kate Middleton is pregnant with her second child, who just so happens to be a little girl. Back in early July, Kate's pal Jessica Hay reportedly let it slip that the Duchess has another bun in the oven. Now by a huge stroke of luck, Life & Style has found out that Prince George will be gaining a baby sister.

Oh, but I should probably mention that it doesn't sound like the sex of the alleged baby has been confirmed via an ultrasound. Nope. The "evidence" is much more solid than that.

An insider says, "She feels different this time around and is convinced they're having a girl."

She feels "different," huh? I guess we can assume that means the poor dear isn't praying to the porcelain god morning, noon, and night?

If Kate really is expecting, let's hope that's the case since she didn't exactly have an easy first trimester while she was carrying Prince George, what with a nasty case of hyperemesis gravidarum. But while pregnancy rumors aren't all that impossible to believe given that Georgie just turned 1 -- I'm simply not buying them until there is an official announcement from the Palace.

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Oh come on -- remember how long the baby speculation went on after she married Prince William before she actually turned up preggo? Until the cat is officially out of the bag that baby number two is on the way, we have to take these rumors with a grain of salt, considering they're a dime a dozen these days.

But let's go out on a limb for a second and pretend Kate really is pregnant with a little princess. OMG. Can you even imagine how exciting it's going to be once her royal highness arrives? And what if she and Wills decide to name her Diana?!? (Squeeeeeee!)

Ok, I'll calm down now. I'm getting way too carried away with this idea and it might not even become a reality.

Do you think Kate is pregnant, and if so, do you think she's having a girl?


Image via Chris Jackson/The Duke & Duchess of Cambridge And Prince Harry/Getty Images

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nonmember avatar Beth

I say yes she is pregnant with a girl!!!

Donna Truax

It would be nice if she is!

nonmember avatar lucy

l am sure theres nothing kate would like than to be pregnant! so that she can stay out of work for two years, women around the world get pregnant, and still go to work, other europeans royal women like CP mary of denmark has 4 kids, queen letizia 2 girls , queen maxima of netherlands 3 girls, queen mathilde of belgiium 4 kids, these women NEVER use their kids/family to stay out of work, kate is a pathetic and unsuitable for her role, shes just too lazy, manipulative, selfish, greedy, she only cares about herself! She doesnt even visit her five charities shes a patron, she would rather go out and indulge herself!!

Enid Jennings

WHEN she has a baby girl I hope and pray she doesn't call it Diana.

Lynn Coleman

if she was pregnant and it was a girl wouldnt you of thought by now it would of shown as she would of had first scan,,,,,if she was it would be told by the family

nonmember avatar joe

you can bet she will call her diana, to win the peasants, ever since her marriage she has tried to copy diana but failed miserably!

Anna Simms

I"ll waitontheoffical announcement.


Jacqueline DaLay

truly it s none of anyones business let that young family alone how would you feel if every one had their nose in your life



Jacqueline DaLay

mind your own business tend to your life for a change let her alone

nonmember avatar lynn

as long as the taxpayers arefunding their lavish lifestyles, they are our business, if they want privacy, willy and his lazy wife can abdicate and dissappear into the sunset STAT!

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